Woman Shares Why She Was Allegedly Ticketed by Cops For Wearing Crop Top

After a Louisiana woman claimed that police had issued her an indecent exposure ticket, she went viral. She was accused of wearing a crop top with denim shorts.

Casey, also known as @kazzi112, posted the incident to TikTok. It has received more than 2.6 Million views and 13,500 comments since Sunday. You can find the video here Here.

In certain states, such New York, indecent exposure may result in a maximum sentence of 15 days in prison.

Louisiana’s fines range from $25 to $300 for the first offense, and as high as $250 for subsequent offenses. Some people can also be required to perform 40 hours of community service.

Three female cops approached the woman at the event and gave her her ticket.

The video captioned “make it make sense,”Casey claimed she was ticketed in Winnfield, Louisiana for indecent exposure.

“All of my bits are covered,”Casey said this as she turned to reveal her entire outfit. She said that she was wearing it at the time of the incident. Her black tshirt covered her shoulders and was just above her beltline. She tied it in the back, showing a few inches of her midriff. A chunky, jewelled belt was paired with her jean shorts. “The f**k? Are you kidding me?”She asked.

Casey said that three female officers approached her and gave her the ticket. She also recorded another video claiming that the humidity was at around 80 percent. It was approximately 90 degrees.

“I live a mile down the road,”Casey spoke in the video. “They literally could have just been like ‘hey ma’am can you put some clothes on’ and I’d have been like ‘yeah cool I’ll be right back.'”

Winnfield Police posted a Facebook message stating that the incident took place at Winnfield’s Sixth Annual Dugdemona Festival this weekend.

“An unnamed citizen was cited for a city ordinance and has since taken to a popular social media site, blasting police officers,”Police wrote. “However, 3 female officers responded to various complaints about the person’s attire and the person of interest was issued a citation under the city ordinance.”

The ordinance was then cited by the police, which was adopted in June 2011 by the city council.

It is against the law to wear undergarments or garments that are intentionally exposed according to the ordinance. “any portion of the pubic hair, cleft of buttocks, or genitals.”

Police claimed that Casey was given a Winnfield City Court date so she could dispute the allegations.

“We, as public servants, will not engage in a social media war with any one or any organization, as it is improper and brings discredit upon this department,”A spokesperson for the department stated. “We also cannot comment on details of any case under investigation or pending court action.”

“What’s going on in Winnfield, 1835?”

Casey’s video received more than 13,400 comments, many of which criticize the police department for ticketing Casey.

“What in the 1835 is going on in Winnfield?”One user commented and received nearly 33,000 likes.

“It’s Louisiana it gets hot and muggy what else are you supposed to wear,”Another user commented.

“Wear it to court,”Another wrote.

Newsweek reached out for comment to Winnfield and Casey Police Departments.

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly being exposed to passengers aboard an airplane last summer.

One Florida man was charged with indecent exposure after driving naked through seven toll booths. A second woman from Florida was also arrested for allegedly dancing naked in a Wafflehouse parking lot.

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