‘Windy City Rehab’ season 3, episode 3 recap: Alison Victoria rehabs an LA home

To escape the Chicago winter cold, “Windy City Rehab”Alison Victoria, host, heads to sunny Los Angeles for a friend who needs help with a rundown house in dire need of a new home.

To date, this is the first time the show has featured a home outside of Chicago, but it won’t be the last. A preview for next week’s episode revealed that Victoria will be heading to Atlanta next to work on a loft.

Spoilers ahead!

Here’s what happened on this week’s episode.

The home

“I’m just at a crossroads,”Victoria shared this with her viewers at episode’s top. “I don’t know where I want to be.”

Who wouldn’t trade snow shoveling for sunbathing in January? Even if she’s not certain about where her career is heading, Victoria revealed she had planned to spend part of the winter in LA, and contacted her realtor friend Michaela about a rental property, Michaela also presented her with a business opportunity.

Luis, a landscape designer and realtor, bought the Spanish revival-styled house at 2307 N. Glower St., Hollywood Hills, for $1 million. They planned to renovate it. rehab it.

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“I want you to do what you do in Chicago and come do this with me in LA,”Victoria was told by he.

Built in 1926, or 1929, depending on the date, the home fell into ruin after the death of the previous owner. Michaela said that the house was once home to squatters. The stairs leading to the front door had collapsed and termites had eaten through much of the wood throughout. Water damage caused serious structural problems, and rotted floors.

“It needs love and it needs to be restored completely,” Michaela said.

The rehab

Victoria and Michaela met at the house for a tour. The property is now structurally sound, and is ready for renovations. The designer immediately noticed the beautiful, but wobbling, railing on the front steps. This was a hint that work needed to be done.

They were struck by the arched ceilings throughout the house and began to envision a spiral staircase for the empty entryway. This would allow for a tiled water fountain. Victoria stated that neither the living room nor the kitchen had enough space so she would be moving them both. Victoria designed a stucco design to replace the fireplace in the living area.

Episode 3 of Season 3 of Alison Victoria sees Alison Victoria in LA for the winter “Windy City Rehab.”

Victoria thought of adding a terrace with cedar hot tub, a private deck around the back, and a patio around the front to give the home a more private view.

“This is a dream project, not to mention that it gets me out of Chicago, which is why I called Michaela in the first place,”Victoria said.

As crews in LA dismantled the siding and reconfigured it to make the living and kitchen areas larger, the host returned to Chicago. Frank, Michaela’s contractor friend discovered additional termite damage beneath the main floor bathroom. The team spent nearly $10,000 to repair the damage.

The LA team was experiencing communication problems that caused confusion and delayed work. Victoria flew back to assist the team and begin shopping for tile.

“When you’re not there on a job site daily, it gets away from you,”The designer explained. “I think schedules get away from everybody and I tend to keep people and hold them accountable.”

Victoria stopped by Badia Design in Los Angeles to find Spanish- and Moroccan inspired light fixtures and tiles while the crew was installing new windows and framing. The host selected brass fixtures for their house and a muted, white tile for the fountain in their entryway.

Victoria returned to Chicago and then went to Wisconsin to meet with designer Ari whose now living on a farm, and working on a new door for the LA property featuring some of the repurposed iron railings from the home’s front steps.

Victoria returned to LA to continue monitoring the progress and plan for the front yard. Luis hadn’t submitted a landscape plan and it delayed work. She and Michaela decided to not wait and sketched their own idea.

“We’ve been waiting six months for this,”Victoria said.

“We did it in two minutes,” Michaela answered.

Work wrapped up as Ari’s door arrived and an iron staircase brought in from England was installed in the entryway. Despite the delay, landscaping was completed on time.

The results

Victoria invited two friends to tour her home after the team decided to not list the house immediately.

The front yard was overflowing with flower beds and leafy plants. Patios and walkways now have outdoor tables and ample space to lounge. The cedar hot tub and its beautiful views were a huge hit with the two friends.

Inside, the white walls brightened the space, and the fountain and staircase immediately grabbed the two guests’ eyes. Arched doors led from room-to-room, creating a clear view from the kitchen’s entryway.

“Everything’s a picture frame to the next room,”Victoria explained the details to her guests. “Each room is a piece of art, and each arch leads you into it.”

The $1 million purchase price was not the only cost. The team also spent $550,000 on renovations. They planned to sell it for $2.6million, but Michaela and Luis decided that it would be better to rent it out. Victoria stated that she invested $47,000 and made 25% profit on the project, but it is not clear how.

Victoria exclaimed about the experience, her business relationships, and what she would take home from it. “just a new perspective.”

“Our homes are precious to us,” one of Victoria’s friends explains. “This is a house I would like to be in, and I think Alison and Michaela have nailed it 100%.”

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