Wife of slain NYC food deliveryman Zhiwen Yan calls for justice at vigil

Zhiwen Yan, the wife of the slain Queens food delivery worker, made a tearful plea Wednesday at a candlelight Vigil near his Chinese restaurant.

Yan was shot to death while making deliveries to Great Wall Chinese in plush Forest Hills, April 30, but the killer remains on street while the family is being treated. “tortured”Kunying Zhao, Kunying Zhao’s wife, expressed sorrow and fear.

“New York City, you owe me a life … you owe me a husband … you owe an explanation to the Chinese community,”Zhao spoke through an interpreter to the people gathered at the vigil. It was held in a parking area in front of the restaurant.  

“I want to know why since last November his boss and colleagues have been threatened multiple times and nobody could protect them. I want to know why!”

Yan, 45, was riding his delivery scooter on 108th Street near 67th Drive at 9:30 p.m. Cops are looking for a disgruntled client who allegedly vandalized the restaurant and threatened employees with a gun.

Zhiwen Yan’s wife believes the incident could of been prevented if authorities took the restaurant’s complaints seriously. Joe Marino

The grieving wife of slain Queens food delivery man Zhiwen YanThe wife of the deliveryman wants justice, even though the suspect continues to wander freely on the streets.Kunying Zhao/GoFundMe

“I want the law enforcement to do their job as quickly as possible, and arrest the killer and prosecute him,”Zhao spoke passionately for a 10-minute, where she expressed frustration over the case.

“I hope that justice can be done so that my husband can rest in peace.”

Dozens of people came together at the vigil to support each other while chanting “we need justice”Yan, who worked at the restaurant for nearly ten years. He had immigrated from China twenty years ago and left behind three children, ages 12, and 14.

Food delivery man Zhiwen YanThe victim was riding his scooter and was shot.Robert Mecea

Zhao stated that the delivery man worked hard to provide a better lifestyle for his family. He also said that Zhao embodied hard work and deserved a better fate.

“He was only 45 years old. He should have been able to watch his children grow up, but everything ended,” Zhao said. “The criminal, the killer used one bullet — brutally ended his life.”

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