Why Stephen Fishbach Hates The New ‘Knowledge Is Power’ Twist

Survivor 41 recently introduced a Knowledge Is Power advantage. Stephen Fishbach, a former player, is not a fan.

The 41st Season of SurvivorThe game has seen a lot of new twists, and Stephen Fishbach, a two-time player and podcast host, is not pleased with the latest addition to the contest. Stephen is well-known for his appearances in Survivor: Tocantins, and Survivor: Cambodia. Stephen and JT Thomas formed a legendary duo alliance on Tocantins. However, he lost to JT in two of the final two. Stephen was invited to participate in Survivor: Cambodia again. “Second Chance”season. He formed a strong alliance to the eventual winner, Jeremy Collins. However, he didn’t make it as far his second time around. Stephen now co-hosts the Survivor Know-it-Alls podcast with fellow Survivor all-star Rob Cesternino.

Stephen is furious at the controversial Survivor 41 twist. “Knowledge is Power”Advantage. The twist was introduced by Liana Wallace in season 5 when she chose to risk her vote during Shan Smith’s prisoner’s dilemma summit. Shan and Liana decided that Liana should have the advantage, and they played the dilemma to get that result. Liana discovered the power of the advantage back at camp. Liana can ask one player at a Tribal Council about an advantage or idol by using the Knowledge is Power advantage. If a player has an idol or advantage, they can’t lie to Liana and must give it back to her. Liana’s advantage is lost if the player does not possess any of Survivor 41’s many idols or advantages.

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In a tweet he sent during the episode’s airing StephenThe new twist was met with a lot of criticism. Stephen referred to Knowledge is Power “one of the worst twists in show history.”It was unfavorably compared to Survivor: Nicaragua’s Medallion of Power, a failed twist which was abandoned mid-season. It is often cited as one of the most memorable creative misfires on the show. Stephen’s biggest problem with the Knowledge is Power advantage is its ability to strip players of their agency, discretion, and force them to reveal the truth about their idols and any advantages they have. Stephen believes that players have the right to lie or be truthful in their interactions with their competitors. This is a core part of the show. The new twist does not fit the spirit of Survivor. “It’s like a stupid card in a board game,”Stephen summarised.


This is the worst twist in show history. The show’s entire identity was destroyed by the inability to allow the players to deceive.

They CAN’T LIE! Who is forcing them lie? It’s like a dumb card in a boardgame.

— Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) October 21, 2021

Many Survivor fans have reacted negatively to the twist, and many have echoed Stephen’s critiques on social media. It’s difficult to disagree with this stance. One of the key features of Survivor’s appeal lies in the freedom it gives its contestants to create their own strategies and value system during the game. This twist forces players against their will, with no freedom or personal discretion. It’s also the latest twist to an already complicated season.

The twists will be allowed to take a backseat while the game unfolds. It would be a refreshing change for the show to slow down on the influx complex twists, as it did with the fourth episode. This episode was the strongest so far because it focused on the players rather than twists. If the introduction of Knowledge is Power is any indication it may have been the eye of storm.

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Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Source: Stephen Fishbach/Twitter

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