Why Did The Roloffs Get Divorced? Their Split Explained

Little People Big World fans have been wondering for years what happened between Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff after their separation. They believe there was a scandal.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff did not seem to have an easy union. Little People Big World. Amy and Matt eventually ended their two-decade marriage because of their divergent personalities and different life goals. TLC viewers have always believed that there was more to the story. It wasn’t their divorce that ended their marriage.

TLC’s favorite family, the Roloffs, became a favorite because of their wholesome values and fun farm. TLC’s family dramas and farm shenanigans have been a constant part of the show’s 23-year history. The four children of the couple have all gone on to marry and start their own lives. Zach and Jeremy, the older twins, have small children. Little People Big World fans were saddened to hear of the demise of Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage but have watched them try their best to navigate their divorce, even if it wasn’t always so smooth.


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Little People Big World fans always believed that major issues were going on behind closed doors when it came to the dissolution of Amy and Matt’s marriage. In Amy’s memoir, A Little Me, the 57-year-old alleged that Matt was involved with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler while they were still married. Fans are aware that Caryn was a long-time employee who managed the pumpkin patch. Amy’s book solidified her feelings that Matt has cheated, especially after writing, “I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people.”

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Matt has always denied the fact that he had an affair with Caryn, stating they became the two began a relationship after the divorce. Amy has been more open regarding the many scandals that have occurred in their relationship. After Amy and Matt’s divorce, Amy often used Facebook Live to share insights into their problems. Viewers were aware for a while that the couple wasn’t happy. Matt would often leave during family vacations to get mad at his wife. Amy’s farm plans were often blocked by the patriarch. Matt mocked Amy’s pumpkin sauce idea, and then tried taking credit for it when it was a best-seller.

Since Matt and Amy’s divorce in 2016, the two Little People Big WorldStars have tried their best to be amicable for their children. Amy recently gave Matt her half of the farm and she married Chris Marek, her love. Matt still dates Caryn and they now spend their winters in Arizona. Season 23 may have shown Matt and Amy in a good place but it took them years to get there.

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