Why Canadian Pizza halved the number of its outlets in Singapore, and how it plans to turn things around

And so it goes “2 for 1”Offer has remained constant until today.

Canadian Pizza caters to local tastes and is also available. “very close”Mr Abdullah spoke out to express his gratitude for the warm response of customers. He said that while the chain started with Western-style menu options it has evolved to be more Singaporean.

“We don’t go for fancy, international flavours and all that. (It is) very down to earth. If you are a Malay, you want something to your tastebuds, we have something. For Indians, we have, for Chinese, we have (it).”

Canadian Pizza sales grew threefold in the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic across all its outlets. 

“We had so many orders we didn’t have enough riders to send (the pizzas). So who was sending for me? My pilot friends … We had like 20 cars waiting outside just to deliver pizza,”Abdullah, who was still an original franchisee back then, said:

“At times, (the) outlet was shut for about four to five hours at one time because we couldn’t handle orders.” 

While things have stabilised, what happened highlights Canadian Pizza’s place in the market, he said.

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“They know who we are. It’s not that they don’t know us.


Third-party food delivery platforms are increasingly popular with customers. This has led to issues like service standards. 

Half of Canadian Pizza’s deliveries are made via their website. Half are made from third-party platforms.

“All this while we have been serving the pizza ourselves, my riders. So we have control over the riders. We have control over customer service, quality and delivery. But now we don’t,” said Mr Abdullah.

“When a customer makes these complaints, it is diverted back to us and this affects our image and reputation.”

Mr Abdullah stated that he will offer more promotions to encourage customers to order direct from the Canadian Pizza website.

In recent times, he has also been dealing with supply chain and workforce issues.

“With all these things going on in the world, we have issues of getting our cheese, sauce … We used to get everything from one particular supplier, but now we have about 20 suppliers,”He said.

Canadian Pizza is exploring automation to reduce its manpower requirements. Canadian Pizza plans to establish a central kitchen in November.

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