Which QB has scored the most fantasy football points in a single game?

Six of the top 10 fantasy points in a single match were won by QBs in the last decade. We have to look a little deeper into the NFL archives to find the top two spots on this list. Let’s take a look at which QBs sit among the top 10 for the most fantasy points scored in a single game and which score sits atop the list.

We only considered single-game scores from fantasy football for this list. Although both the NFL and AFL existed before 1970, they were quite different in their structure for a large part of that history. This merger has the potential to erase all historical records.

Scores are also based upon a passing touchdown scoring of four points. The most popular format, however, is the four-point per passing touchdown league.

42.46 fantasy points| 43.46 fantasy points

Bears vs. Buccaneers | Week 4 | Sept. 30, 2018

I bet you didn’t expect to see Mitchell Trubisky’s name on this list. While Trubisky’s time in Chicago is something Bears fans would rather forget, one performance does stand out. In Week 4 of his sophomore season, Trubisky took the Buccaneers’ defense to pieces. He threw five touchdowns as the Bears took a 38-3 halftime lead.

Trubisky finished with 354 passing yards, and six touchdowns through air. He also gained 53 yards on ground, earning him 5.3 fantasy points and a spot at the bottom of the list.

9) Aaron Rodgers | 43.76 fantasy points

Packers vs. Week 7 | Week 7 | Oct. 20, 2019

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For the second performance of our list, we will be in the NFC North. This time it’s the Packers, and we make our first mention of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers seems to enjoy hosting AFC West teams at Lambeau. It was the Raiders who were the recipients of Rodgers’ incredible performance.

Rodgers threw 429 yards and five touchdowns in a win of 42-24. He also added six yards on the ground and a touchdown running to ensure he made it to the top of this list.

44 fantasy points| 44 fantasy points

Nov. 4, 1990| Week 9 | Nov. 4, 1990

Our first trip back in time to the 1990s (sorry for the spoiler alert) finds Randall Cunningham, a dynamic quarterback, on our list of fantasy football points most by position in a single match. Cunningham took the Patriots’ defense to pieces both through the air and on the ground in a stunning performance.

The Eagles quarterback threw the ball for 240 yard and four touchdowns. Cunningham added 18.4 fantasy points to his legs, finishing with 124 rushing yards.

7) Drew Brees | 44.3 fantasy points

Nov. 1, 2015| Week 8 | Nov. 1, 2015

The Superdome shootout is a memorable game that will be cherished by all who saw it. Drew Brees and Eli Manning were both aging QBs. The matchup was riveting and the Saints won with two scores in 40 seconds. Also, the Saints scored a 50-yard field goal just before the clock expired.

They combined for 13 passing touchdowns, more than 850 yards of airborne and more than 850 yards. Brees won, however, and was the statistical winner. The Saints’ QB threw for 505 yards and seven touchdowns. Two interceptions would have made his day even more impressive. Technically, he had thrown eight passing touchdowns that day, but one was to a Giants player.

6) Ben Roethlisberger – 44.78 fantasy points| 44.78 fantasy points

Steelers vs. Colts Week 8 | Week 8 | Oct. 10, 2014

Ben Roethlisberger provided the miracle you needed as you entered Sunday afternoon’s 2014 Week 8 fantasy gameup. The Steelers QB lit up the Colts’ defense for 522 passing yards and six touchdowns. Pittsburgh was victorious 51 to 34. Roethlisberger made sure that many fantasy managers also got that important win.

5) Nick Foles | 45.24 fantasy points

Eagles at Raiders Week 9 | Week 9 | Nov. 3, 2013

In Week 9, Nick Foles had NFL fans all over the league glued to their screens in 2013. Foles lit up Coliseum, racking up 406 yards and seven passing touchdowns, a record. He threw five touchdown passes to five receivers, with three going to Riley Cooper.

It is hard to believe Foles is the most surprising name on the list. A fascinating quiz question is also available for Foles, who is tied with Brees and Peyton Manning for the most passing scores in a single match.

4) Aaron Rodgers | 45.92 fantasy points

Packers vs. Broncos | Week 2011 | Oct. 2, 2011

Rodgers is listed for the second consecutive time on the list of QBs who have scored the most fantasy football points in a single game. Once again, it’s another AFC West opponent, but this time the Broncos were on the other end of his performance.

Rodgers threw 408 yards and four touchdowns. To round out a remarkable performance at home against Denver, Rodgers added two rushing touchdowns as well as 36 rushing yards.

46.28 fantasy point| 46.28 fantasy points

Broncos vs. Ravens | Week 1 | Dec. 3, 2013

This game was memorable for many reasons. First, the performance of Manning with seven passing touchdowns — which broke the previous record of six at the time — and 462 passing yards. The game is notable for being the opener of the 2013 season, with the Ravens as the defending Super Bowl champions. Rarely are the defending champions seen in such an extensive manner.

This is also remembered for being a Broncos vengeance game. In the most unlikely of circumstances, the Ravens had defeated Broncos in the playoffs last year. The situation was somewhat chaotic as the Ravens were to be sent back into Denver to begin the season in the same stadium where they had shocked Denver and all of AFC on their way towards winning a Super Bowl.

2) Mark Rypien | 48.08 fantasy points

Washington vs. Week 11 | Week 11 | Nov. 10, 1991

It’s possible that you wouldn’t have thought that a 1991 performance would win over Manning and Rodgers for the number two spot on this list. However, Mark Rypien made a spectacular performance against the Falcons in Week 11.

Rypien completed 16 out of 31 passes for 442 yard and six touchdowns. Yes, that’s 14.25 yards per pass attempt, 27.63 yards per completion and a touchdown for every 2.7 pass attempts.

Rypien ran for a TD of four yards rushing to cap off his fantasy performance. This would have ensured that he would be at the top and stay there for nearly twenty years.

Which QB has scored most fantasy points in a single match?

1) Michael Vick | 49.32 fantasy points

Eagles at Washington | Week 10 | Nov. 15, 2010

Michael Vick is the fantasy football player who has scored more fantasy points in a single match in 2010. Michael Vick was back in the NFL as a starter that year. He finished the season as the highest-scoring fantasy quarterback that season. He also won the title for the most fantasy points in one game with his amazing Monday Night Football performance in Washington.

Vick led the Eagles’ win by leading them to a 59-28 victory. He scored six touchdowns. The Eagles quarterback Vick completed 20 of 28 passes, gaining 333 yards and four passing touchdowns. He added an additional 80 yards to his ground total and found the endzone twice with his legs.

This performance was even more remarkable because Vick won the fantasy matchups on Monday night.

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