What in the Star World Is Limited Edition Mario Milk?

In geek circles, March 10th is well-recognized. “Mario Day”Due to the abbreviation March (Mar) as well as the number “10” looking a lot like the heroic plumber’s name. Similar to May 4th Being “Star Wars Day”It sounds like may force, but the day itself is a chance to have fun and share your love of an iconic fictional figure.

But if you’re one of those folks who think outside the box in regard to making some extra cash, you could use the day as an excuse to sell a limited edition item that fans would, well, have a good laugh about. You will need a gallon (or more) of milk with MAR 10, as the expiration date, to be able to offer it as an option. “Limited Edition Mario Milk” for … wait, $1,000???

Where did this milk post come from?!

This is the earliest post I have found about this limited edition milk. RedditSince back in 2018. The post highlights the $240 sales post, but as we can see from Twitter user Curio Kujo (who is @/CursedMario, lol, what a perfect handle for this situation) there are, at least, three more attempts to sell milk as some collector’s item because of the MAR 10 date. While it’s easy to stare in awe at that $1000 sales price, I can’t stop giggling at the $100 milk because of the extra incentive of selling it at the “Best Offer.”

You might be wondering why anyone would think this makes any sense. I’ll tell you why. It’s because of Mario’s history with milk. You see, there was a time when Mario struggled to clear a jump in Super Mario 64—Whomp’s Fortress, to be specific. The solution? Drink milk. It can help you grow better than any mushroom.

These sellers were clearly just trying to tap into the nostalgia of an old milk ad. There’s no way there were doing it in a desperate attempt to scam some folks out of their coins. Is it possible to buy milk from the grocery store without the MAR 10 stamp?

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This is the most Friday thing I’ve ever seen and I love it.

Okay here’s something you can actually do to celebrate Mario Day

Nintendo has been celebrating Mario Day from 2016, according to what I can tell. From silly videos like this one to partnering Google to include Mario in Google Maps – Nintendo does a little bit every March 10th. This year is no different. Here are some ways to celebrate Mario without using expired milk.

  • Several Mario games are Currently on SaleAll through March 13th
  • New Lego characters and expansions have been announcedFor later in the year, including my little girl Princess Peach!
  • Super Nintendo World was inaugurated in the U.S. Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023
  • There is also a lot of cool art, cosplay, photo editing, and other fandom-related activities.

    No spoiled milk is necessary to enjoy Mario, but, well, I’m not your Mama Peach, Bowser Jr., so do what you want.

    (Image: YouTube/Twitter screencap)

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