What Coach Mike Woodson Said at Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball Media Day

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana men’s basketball coach Mike Woodson spoke to the media on Thursday ahead of a 2022-23 season with high expectations. 

Woodson discussed everything from how his team handled expectations to offseason development and playing a challenging schedule. Here’s his take. 

On handling serious expectations:

Woodson: I’ve always felt as a coach, every season that I’ve gone in as a head coach, expectations are always high no matter what. I think that’s good. It isn’t possible to escape it. I believe our schedule this year has put us in that light in terms if competition, really stiff competition. Then you have to go to Big Ten, which is very stiff every year. Expectations will always be high. High expectations were set when I first came to this country and accepted the job. This program was designed that way. It should be that simple. It’s what is. I won’t run from it. My players won’t run from this. There are many big things that have to happen for our team. I will try to coach them and push them forward.

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