Twitch Allegedly Has A List Of Streamers EXEMPTED From Bans–What Does This Mean?

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

09 October 2021, at 05:10

To avoid being banned on Twitch, streamers must adhere to a set number of guidelines. Unless you are one of the most prominent. 

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SPAIN – 2021/03/23 – This photo illustrates the Twitch app on a smartphone screen and the Twitch website on the background.

GameRant reports that a recent leak from Twitch allegedly revealed that the streaming site has a “no ban list”This includes many of the top streamers. 

This might support long-term speculations that Twitch has been giving special treatment under the table to a few streamers. 

This was revealed by a 125GB file uploaded to 4chan. It contained a wealth content including payout receipts, encrypted passwords, source codes, and even source code. 

A few of the most popular Twitch streamers were named in the no ban list. “League of Legends”Tyler streamer “loltyler1″Steinkamp, as well as ricegum, can’t apparently be banned without escalating any violations to specific people on Twitch. 

Twitch streamer loltyler1

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DETROIT, MI, AUGUST 24: Tyler Steinkamp (or tyler1) is an American streamer on Twitch tv. He poses with fans on day one of the 2019 LCS summer finals at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan on August 24, 2019.

Dexerto wrote that the no ban list had been posted in the subreddit for Asmongold, another popular Twitch streamer on October 7. 

However, there are some people on the list that cannot be banned for obvious reasons. Emmett Shear is the CEO and cofounder of Twitch TV. He goes by the nickname “Sarbandia”On the platform. 

After a lot confidential information was leaked, including creator payout reports, source codes to different Twitch clients and encrypted passwords, the Twitch hack grabbed headlines in the gaming industry. 

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Twitch No ban list: What does this mean? 

All the speculations that Twitch gives preferential treatment for some of its biggest stars may be true. History is a record of this. “receipts.” 

This is an example of how popular Twitch streamers got off without any consequences after doing some controversial things on camera. 

Amouranth, who was tagged for creating “what some may call” is one of the most well-known. “questionable”SportsKeeda: Content One of the incidents involved her licking a microphone while her rear end was pointed towards the camera. However, she was only suspended for three days and not banned permanently. 

DotESports reported recently that Amouranth has been banned from Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok. This did not include Amouranth’s alternate IG account. 


As it turns out, though, even if you’re one of those Twitch streamers who make millions, you can still get banned. Kotaku reports that some high-profile individuals have been permanently banned by the streaming platform.

The former is one of them “PUBG”Guy with a streamer “DrDisrespect”Beahm has been banned from Twitch due to reasons that the platform has not disclosed. Alinity and Indiefoxx are also streamers. The latter is accused of mistreating her cat live stream. 

Whether this is a case “friends in high places,”Most people won’t know. 

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