Top 20 RPG Summer Towns

As summer comes to a close, I’m already lamenting the loss of beautiful beach vacations and the warm weather. Plus, who doesn’t love the excuse to stay inside and play a lengthy RPG when it’s too hot?

To help ease the pain, we decided to meet up and discuss our top 20 summer towns and places in RPGs. While we don’t visit all these spots in “summer,”We love that they all bring us that vibe. As you look through the list, we recommend listening to our Tropical Tunes episode on Rhythm Encounter.

What are your top summer spots in RPGs, and where do you go? Are there any we have missed? Let us know if you have any questions. TwitterFacebookInstagramDiscordYou can choose to interact with us in any way you like!

by Stephanie Sybydlo

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Paradise Killer screenshot - a pool area with white walls and a skull motif with the pool on the right and a covered terrace with greenery on the left.

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This is a stunning. Vaporwave utopia, statues line the coast, pyramids rise from the ocean, warm days are spent on sandy beaches, and an aurora lights up those hot summer nights… if you were born lucky enough to enjoy it (“Commoners! Get back to work!”) All is not right in this “perfect”The immortal Syndicate created paradise for alien god worshippers. In fact, the head Syndicate has been brutally murdered! Is the perpetrator a frustrated citizen tired of long hours of tedious work? Did the culprit work as an intern for one of their own? There is trouble in paradise after all… and it’s happened 24 times before!

Maybe I’ll see you in a Perfect 25.

Castaway Village – Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

by Mario Garcia

A screenshot of Adol looking over a tropical setting in Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana

I love a town that grows through the adventure. This town also has characters who grow throughout the adventure. Castaways provide entertaining stories of survival and cooperation and open up new services that keep gameplay systems fresh and interesting as the campaign progresses. Many castaways get their own stories, such as Austin learning humility and the timid doctor Licht becoming confident in his medical skills. The most memorable moments occur when castaways work together to defend the town from raids, build a trade industry, and build a ship that will escape the Isles of Seiren. It is an amazing experience to be able to help build Castaway Village and watch it grow.

Citadel – Mass Effect 3

Audra Bowling

A wide shot of Mass Effect 3's Citadel, a futuristic park-like setting of water and trees in a metal residential area

Although the definition of “a” may be a bit too broad, “summer town,” I honestly couldn’t get the Citadel, as experienced in the same titled DLC expansion for Mass Effect 3, out of my mind for this topic. The areas of the Citadel you get to traverse and interact with are reminiscent of a well-deserved vacation for Shepard; the entire galaxy is going to hell, thanks to the Reapers, and you’re given one last reprieve. There’s friends to catch up with, parties to throw, arcades to play around in, sports to bet on, and even mock battlegrounds. You can also get spicy noodles even for a Krogan. It’s just a shame that Shepard can’t get sushi there following a certain explosive incident. The Citadel DLC is a highlight of ME3 as both a love letter to fans and a fun vacation I’d gladly partake in again!

Costa del Sol – Final Fantasy VII (and FFXIV)

Audra Bowling

A screenshot of Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Costa del Sol, a beachside resort located in the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, is one of the most prominent RPG summertime locations. In Crisis Core, you can even fight with a beach umbrella! Originally a Shinra vacation spot, there isn’t much to Costa del Sol in the original Final Fantasy VII beyond various touristy-spots, though you can later purchase the Shinra president’s very own, and very expensive, condo for bragging rights! The music superbly fits the beachy vibe permeating the town, and I love the overall relaxing atmosphere of Costa del Sol’s setting. Square Enix seems to enjoy it as well, as a new version for the beachside community is featured in Final Fantasy XIV. This offers residents of Eorzea a perfect getaway from the adventure.

Downtown Ryukyu – Yakuza 3

Gio Castillo

A screenshot of downtown Ryukyu in Yakuza 3

I consider Downtown Ryukyu my dream destination. This is despite only having seen it in a videogame. This Yakuza 3 location was inspired by a small section of Makishi, Naha, Okinawa. Coming off Kiryu’s usual haunts, I find it refreshing to stroll down its less crowded streets and alleyways. For example, the shopping arcade in the district is bustling, but it doesn’t feel cramped. I love the monorail system that allows people to commute every day. The afternoon gives the place a nostalgic orange hue. Here you can witness some of the most memorable hijinks, such as watching a scooter-driving grandma flip 360 over a car. You also meet some of the series’ best, kindest characters, like Rikiya, there. 

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio was able to infuse Downtown Ryukyu’s atmosphere with the summer spirit. If you’re curious about the real place, lurking around Makishi on Google Maps isn’t a half bad way to spend a few minutes.

Niki Fakhoori

Artwork of the world of Pokemon Black and White

Unlike other regions in the Pokémon world, which may feature snow engulfed routes not far from sweltering settlements, all of Unova is at the mercy of the seasons. Undella Town is always summer regardless of the season. It’s nearly deserted during spring, autumn, and winter, with a subdued music track that’s barely audible against the gentle crashing of waves. The town comes alive during the summer with tourists and a tropical soundtrack. 

The beach is alive with summer vibes all year. To explore the ancient ruins of the ocean floor, you can dive into the water. Other Trainers are also drawn to mystery, though, and any brave soul who doesn’t fear an abrupt end to their summer vacation can snoop around Undella Town’s villas to see who’s come to visit—just be prepared to get sent back to the Pokémon Center.

by Abraham Kobylanski

A screenshot of a Summers beach in EarthBound

Need to get away while you’re trying to save the world from monstrous aliens? Summers is a famous resort town. Relax on the beach and get a sunburn. But, don’t forget a towel! Enjoy a slice of magic cake at a club and dream deeply.

Summers promises to be a better respite from the fetid swamps you have to traverse and the grungy zombie wasteland you must trundle through. Summers does have its downfalls, even though the sun shines brighter there.  Similar to many popular vacation spots, there are high-priced souvenir shops, expensive restaurants and attacks by overzealous police officers.

Ness and his friends are able to teleport away whenever they need to escape from their summer getaway. Saturn Valley is a more rural area, but it is still a popular destination. They have a hot tub.

Arni – Chrono Cross

Nick Mangiaracina

A screenshot of Leena talking to Serge in Arni in Chrono Cross

One of the first and last places you’ll visit in Chrono Cross, Arni is a small yet absolutely bustling beachside village. Not only does this little community feature grass huts, people in swimwear, and a central  market, it also boasts many important features to Chrono Cross’s overall narrative. For starters, the chief’s hut features the Record of Fate- a device used to control the actions of the people of El Nido. Arni is home to your first party members and a few other important characters whose fates differ from those of the others. My favorite moment in Chrono cross was convincing the depressed poet from Another World to accept my invitation. “another”She is able to pursue poetry writing in a world that exists. Arni is a beautiful little tropical locale that feels alive and thriving; I can’t imagine a more peaceful or summery town on the El Nido archipelago. 

Nick Mangiaracina

A screenshot of the Dragon Quest XI hero exploring in Puerto Valor

Puerto Valor is the ideal spot for a beach vacation in Erdrea. The best bar and restaurant on the beach is actually the best! Enjoy a good meal and then relax to watch children playing with penniless vagrants on the beach. Puerto Valor is more than a beautiful shoreline with pristine water. You’ll want for nothing as every cobblestone path leads to a shop or destination. Visit the home of Don Rodrigo, the town leader, to see the incredible swordsmanship of his brave caballeros. If that’s not for you, Puerto Valor also features the largest casino the world over. And when you’re ready to sleep after all that fun in the sun, there are two nice hotels to pick from.  

Puerto Valor is a truly wonderful place. Erdrea may be full of scary monsters, but Puerto Valor’s citizens have the utmost faith in their leader to protect their precious town. The world may be in turmoil, but you certainly won’t be in Puerto Valor.

Castaway Cove – Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

by Wes Iliff

A screenshot outside of Castaway Cove in Ni no Kuni

In Ni no Kuni’s Seaside Paradise of the South, relaxation isn’t a perk; it’s a requirement. To gain entry, you’ll need to attain citizenship. The only requirement is: You must wear a bathing suit. This may sound like a silly rule, but it is intended to prevent violent crimes. Have you ever tried to smuggle a weapon in a bathing costume?

Once you’re in, a guaranteed good time awaits. You can enjoy fresh coffee, frozen treats, or a selection of fresh seafood. The perfect vacation spot is a seaside cottage. Swimming is the main reason to visit a beach town. With water within arm’s reach of any location in town, there are always places close by to get your swim on. Honestly, why would you go fight evil witches when there’s paradise waiting for you?

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