Tinley Park should have let voters decide on marijuana dispensary – Chicago Tribune

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In 52 years of living in Tinley Park, I have never been so disappointed to see that a medical marijuana dispensary will be opening right on Harlem Avenue. My husband and I will not vote for our elected officials in the next election. Shame on all of you for disgraceing our town. This should have been submitted to the people for a vote and not by greedy politicians.

TMC, Tinley Park

Andrew Holmes deserves praises for his civic-minded compassion towards crime victims. He cares about his community, regardless of race or ethnicity. He truly believes all lives matter. He is the complete, polar opposite to the sham, scam Marxist group Black Lives Matter. They do nothing to improve conditions in Black neighborhoods. You are also sickening to the woke PC companies who have donated money Black Lives Matter crooks.

Leo, Oak Lawn

Columnist Jerry Davich attempts to unravel the conspiracy of QAnon and other issues. However, he fails. In fact, no one in your paper goes after the BLM scandals or the Antifa. It’s always about the Republicans and how they’re destroying the country. But let’s give fair due to BLM and Antifa and their policies and conspiracies.

Nancy, Chicago Ridge

When will the Central Avenue Patrol be conducted by the Burbank Police Department? They used to patrol it but now the cars race up and downstream. They go through the stop signs and at 5:20 every other night, the same car races down Main Street. Every night, cars race up and along Central Avenue between 7 and 11 pm, Monday through Friday.

David, Burbank

Carl from Orland Park: I agree with you about the manner our presidents address the American people. Starting with Sean Spicer, Trump’s administration and his various delegates at news conferences were combative and filled with deep misinformation. Notice the difference now that there is a true gentleman in the office who will answer questions and listen to the media without being aggressive or calling names. This is refreshing.

JK, Tinley Park

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