TikTok fuels a surging market for early 2000s nostalgia

As younger consumers chase slower, less chaotic times, they are reviving older brands, technologies, and trends.

The big picture TikTok makes it easy to resurface flashback items and make them viral quickly on its platform, and eventually other social networks.

Many Gen Z TikTok usersGen Z TikTok users have made a lot of fun of Millennials. However, they are also fueling nostalgia for Millennials’ heyday: Trends dating back to the early 2000s are driving the new throwback economics.

After years of wearing high-rise jeans,Women’s roles being taken over fashion, low-rise jeans and mini-skirts — reminiscent of the early 2000s — have made a comeback on runways this year. Legacy brandsSales at The Gap, Abercrombie, and Fitch are soaring thanks to iconic items like classic brand hoodies and 90’s straight jeans that have been hailed as hot. fashionTikTok. Even wired headphonesThey are back in fashion. TikTok vloggers use Apple’s wired headphones’ microphone feature as a symbol to speak directly to their audience.

Between the lines: The pandemic led to a rapid shift to digital media and remote work.

But most Americans — including a majority of Gen Z — say life was better before social media, according to new polling from John Della Volpe, director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

Next: Other generations will be included in the nostalgia rotation.

Vintage shopsWe are seeing a rise in vintage clothing purchases from young people in the 1990’s and 1980’s. Pop music from newer artists such as Doja Cat or Dua Lipa is becoming increasingly popular through TikTok, a reminder of 1980’s dance-pop sound. U.S. vinyl salesLast year’s CD sales topped 1986 for the first time. This was partly due to record collectors using the app as a way to find community and accidentally going viral. Vinyl sales have increased more than 100% in the first half.

The bottom line: TikTok is where Gen Z sets trends, whether it’s starting new trends or reviving old ones.

TikTok sections are being installed in mass market stores to appeal to young users. “As Seen On TV”Productions from informercials, AP reports
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