This Black-Owned Brand Is Behind An Official ‘SpongeBob’ Cap Collection

This Black-Owned Brand Is Behind An Official 'SpongeBob' Cap Collection

Photo Credit: AppelJax

DungeonForward, a black-owned headwear company, has launched a new collection inspired in part by the long-running Nickelodeon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

The legendary Nickelodeon series SpongeBob SquarePants has been named the winner. This month, Black-owned headwear brand Dungeon ForwardAs part of a new licensing agreement with Nickelodeon Consumer Products and Paramount Consumer Products, the company unveiled a new collection that was inspired by the series. The deal, which will last for three years, will also be honored by other Nickelodeon animated series like Rugrats or Ren & Stimpy.

This Black-Owned Brand Is Behind An Official 'SpongeBob' Cap Collection

Photo Credit: AppelJax

The capsule contains four pieces that are dedicated to the characters of Nickelodeon’s beloved Nickelodeon series: Gary, Squidward and Patrick, as well as SpongeBob himself. Each cap is on sale at $55 and includes vegan leather brims, custom-made satin interior lining, double adjustable straps for a snug fit, and a graphic identifying each character under its brim.

“Today is our best day ever!”Nickelodeon x Dungeon Forward Capsule collection has DROPPED 😱 Innovation & culture meet again with this exclusive collection. Swim to cop the drop#BikiniBottom#NICKxDF#DungeonForward#Nickelodeon#SpongeBob#CrownUpTop

— Dungeon Forward (@DungeonForWarD) June 3, 2022

Dungeon Forward CEO and design director David Castro spoke with Okayplayer about partnering with Paramount and Nickelodeon after first building a relationship with the brands at a Las Vegas convention in 2020.

“Conversations with Nickelodeon started roughly a year ago as they looked to expand their consumer product offering. Dungeon Forward was coming off a short-term collaboration with Airheads Candy, and the timing was perfect to cultivate a new relationship with the learnings from the last partnership in tuck,” Castro said. “Through the relationship, we gained access to a vast array of properties under the Nickelodeon umbrella, but we chose to launch with SpongeBob because the show is about joy and absolute optimism — something the world could use right now.”

This Black-Owned Brand Is Behind An Official 'SpongeBob' Cap Collection

Photo Credit: AppelJax

“SpongeBob is also deeply rooted in the culture we connect with, and working with one of the most recognized names in media is a privilege we were grateful to be prepared for,” he added. “As they say, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

As a TV show beloved for its memes as much as the show itself, Castro also explained how the collection speaks to Black fandom of SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as shared his favorite SpongeBob-inspired meme.

“Black fandom extends the life of creativity in SpongeBob and demonstrates how relatable the situations are. SpongeBob is mentioned on social media every second of every day,” Castro said. “My favorite is the ‘aight I’m out’ meme. Black culture knows how to make things ours and since SpongeBob is of characters with no specific race, it makes it easier for us to relate to them. Creativity in the Black community is rich and abundant and will forever add value instinctually to that which inspires us. ”

Pieces from the SpongeBob x DungeonForward collection are available here.

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