These Geeky Gingerbread Sculptures Are Too Fantastic to Eat

Sometimes, you see food that’s so well-crafted that you say to yourself, “I’d feel bad about eating that.” That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Caroline Eriksson’s gingerbread creations, though truthfully, even if I did want to eat these, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Except for Venom. It’s obvious that you would nip at his lips, right? Truly a gingerbread sculpture that’s dripping with detail.

Meet Caroline Eriksson

Eriksson was the first thing I discovered. via Nerdist, who spoke out about her life-size Groot gingerbread statue. It was the headline that made me laugh. “no frickin’ way,” only to discover that, yes, there’s a woman who literally had Groot at her dinner table.

Eriksson jokes in her post that Groot was an “awfully chatty fellow.” Meanwhile, I’m sitting here in awe of the fact that this woman put together a gingerbread man (or rather, Groot) that looks like it could be an understudy for the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The YouTube channel “60 Second Docs”Eriksson was available to speak with me and discuss what it takes for her to be such a wonderful dinner companion. Eriksson, a Swedish native, says most of her characters are movies. “Especially from the 80s.”She then says that she uses 11 pounds sugar, 15 pounds flour, and a lot butter, spices, syrup, and a lot of butter. After drawing the base structure and sketching it, she paints it in edible colors. It is meant to be eaten, I suppose. How many glasses would it take to take on a Predator, and how many milks would we need?

Poor smoke alarm

Eriksson, despite all of her baking, says “60 Second Docs” that she’s terrible at it. “You would maybe think that I’m good at baking, but that’s far from the truth. I’m actually terrible at baking. I set off the fire alarm all the time.”As a disaster-baker, I know how difficult it can be to make multiple sheets of gingerbread. I will spare a thought for her neighbors in case the smoke alarm goes off. I can already hear it. “Eriksson’s at it again”She probably gets a response. They might get a taste of a Xenomorph for their patience.

Eriksson can also be followed Over on Instagram.

(Featured image by Caroline Eriksson

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