These 7-Eleven Crocs are the perfect snack aisle shoe

Would you wear a Big Bite Hot Dog charm to your feet? 

A pair of 7-Eleven Mega Crush Clogs By Crocs ($110) will take you down the snack aisle. 


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Crocs has a rich history of partnerships. There have been footwear collabs with everyone, from Drew Barrymore and Justin Beiber to Hidden Valley Ranch and KFC. Now, the king and queen of clogs has teamed with convenience store superstar 7 Eleven to bring you kicks cooler than a Slurpee. 

The late-night munchies joint made three limited-edition versions of the polarizing pumps. They called them the Mega Crush Clog Classic Clog, Classic Clog, or Classic Sandal. Each pair comes with customized Jibbitz charms, which represent popular 7-Eleven products such as the Big Bite Hot Dog and Slurpee drink, coffee and pizza. 

7-ELEVEN X CROCS Mega Crush Clog

The entire collection will be available to the public on Nov. 7, but a few lucky fans can take a look at the footwear via an internet raffle. You can enter the Crocs online raffle now through Sept. 22nd at 12 p.m. ET to be in the running for the chance to win the 7-Eleven Mega Crush Clog. The price is $110. 

This is not the first time food meets feet. From Nike’s Red Lobster-inspired Dunks to Adidas’ Waffle House and Arizona Iced Tea-themed sneaks, shoes have become an expression of not only brand loyalty, but personal taste – literally. And while snacks and streetwear seem like an unlikely pairing, it’s proven to be a savvy business move: Crocs’ 2020 KFC-branded foam clogs and 2021 Hidden Valley Ranch mules both All stock sold outWithin 30 minutes of launching, the resale price can reach $1,000. 

Crocs has not yet specified how many of the chunky Mega Crush Clogs will be released prior to the official November drop, but if you want to try your luck, visit Crocs’ website now to put your hat in the digital ring to get these snazzy snack aisle shoes. 


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