The Unexpected Inspiration For Martha Stewart’s New Las Vegas Restaurant

Everything that Martha Stewart touches seems to turn to gold — or milk glass, as in the case of her new Las Vegas restaurant. Every detail, from the menu and the decor, is designed to make patrons feel as if they were in Stewart’s Bedford New York farmhouse.

The Bedford by Martha Stewart offers dinner, brunch, or holiday menus that include seasonal foods from local purveyors and some of Stewart’s personal favorite food items. Press release. Foods from the Las Vegas Farmer’s Market will be combined with high-end brands such as Urbani Truffles and Frog Hollow Farm to create a unique combination. Stewart assures future patrons of The Bedford that they will be “immersive, fun, unexpected, and utterly delectable.”

A farmhouse-style restaurant might seem new to Sin City, but that could be because it works. Martha Stewart is known for her love of roses and will often try new ventures. The roses she won an award for were most likely grown at her Bedford farm.

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