The Sesame Street Details That Are Darker Than You Think

In the 1970s, a Muppet got kicked out of “Sesame Street.”According to Yahoo EntertainmentViewers took issue with Roosevelt Franklin, an early Muppet who was presented as a stereotype. Marilyn Agrelo, documentary director, told the outlet that Roosevelt was being removed from the show because of the pressure. “came from the Black audience.”

Not long after, it was just seven years later. “Sesame Street’s”Run, a 1976 episode was rebroadcast due to parental complaints. According to E! NewsWhen? “Wizard of Oz” witch Margaret Hamilton reprised her role as the terrifying Wicked Witch of the West on the kiddie show, viewers complained that their children were scared silly -– and the scene never aired again.

A few more years later, “Sesame Street”He was forced to deal a darker topic than the witch who wreaked havoc on the otherwise idyllic street. The real-life deathThe famous quote was made by Will Lee, an actor who played the role of Mr. Hooper in the shopkeeper role on the show. “Farewell Mr. Hooper”episode in which his death is discussed. The episode aired in 1983 on Thanksgiving Day, so that families could all watch it together. Television Academy Foundation. Like the Wicked Witch episode. “Farewell Mr. Hooper”Although it was only broadcast once, the script was highly praised for its handling on a difficult topic. The script was even awarded a “Best Script” award “Big Bird”The outlet noted that Carroll Spinney, an actor, and the writers of the show were awarded the coveted Peabody Award.

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