The Retiree By Jerry Hoem

I’m still looking for the person who killed the English language. It’s dead, I’m sure. I present evidence that there is a trend in using nouns as verbs. My quest has now been influenced by the Ad Agency. Television research is an integral part of my life. Some might refer to it as an obsession rather that research. Covid-19 is the reason I blame. In its many forms, I was forced by politicians and the medical field to spend every waking minute watching television until one TV died and we had no choice but to purchase another online. The car was delivered by sterilized attendants with no hands.

Recently, I was informed that they have a new way. “to Pizza.” I haven’t figured out the old way to Pizza yet and have been eating pizza for generations.

The digital world invited me to Peacock the other day and so far I haven’t even mastered Looning, and now the loons have flown south. I might have to delete the Peacock app from my phone and get one for Birdwatching. I advise you to learn to walk before running.

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