The Farmhouse set for Grand Opening in Burlington; to feature historic model car show

Interior of The Farmhouse Cannabis Co. Dispensary Burlington, Ontario

Farmhouse cannabis Co. is proud announces the grand opening of its Burlington store.

BURLINGTON ON, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NETWORKWIRE) — The Farmhouse Cannabis Co., an Ontario legal cannabis dispensary, is proud to announce the grand opening of their first shop on Appleby Road in Burlington. As part of the planned festivities set for the day, the shop’s parking lot will not only host an old-fashioned BBQ with homemade lemonade, but also a very unique car show, featuring various models from the local community.

“We’re very excited to invite our friends from Burlington to our shop,”Says Stuart HallOne of The Farmhouse’s new managers is. “and talk about what we offer and how we see ourselves integrating into the community. In addition to the cars and food, we’ll also be providing information regarding the on-going efforts of Cannabis Amnesty, as well as collecting donations for what we believe is a very worthy cause.”

The Grand Opening celebrations will begin at 11am (at their place: 666 Appleby Line Unit A101The Burlington Centre, at the heart of Burlington), and will wind down around 3pm. All are welcome to enjoy free food and refreshments. Greybeard founder Bubba, Vice President of Business Development & Ethos for Thrive Cannabis, will be manning the grill. Supporting Cannabis Amnesty or the Burlington Food Bank will be greatly appreciated.

Cannabis AmnestyAn independent, non-profit organisation that seeks to right the wrongs wrought by decades of cannabis criminalization in Canada. It was founded in April 2018, in response to the government’s failure to address the serious consequences of convictions for cannabis crimes that are widely accepted to be unjust.

“There are thousands of Canadians across the country entitled to a pardon for a simple possession conviction,” Hall continues. “We hope the government will continue to help delete the criminal records of these adults who found themselves before the court system years ago and are now typically gainfully employed, but still have difficulty crossing the border into the United States, for example.”

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According to the CBC many people, including producers and business owners, have benefited from marijuana legalization by the federal government four years ago. However, programs to exonerate certain past cannabis convictions still have a long way ahead.

According to the federal government, about 10,000 Canadians could be eligible for the program’s cannabis amnesty. Offering free pardons to anyone convicted of simple possessionWhen cannabis was first launched, CBC News received 780 requests for pardons, according to the numbers.Between Aug. 1, 2019, and Oct. 1, 20,21, they were submitted to Canada’s Parole Board.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information about The Farmhouse, including their Grand Opening.Stuart Hall at (905)333-5113Send us an email at: [email protected]

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