The Cumin Club Expands Indian Meal Kit Subscription Nationwide and Launches its First Virtual Restaurant in Chicago

Published at 10:40 A.M. EDT on Oct. 21, 2021|Updated: 17 Minutes ago

Chicago? Oct. 21, 2021/PRNewswire/ – After a year of steady progress ChicagoThe Cumin Club, an ethnic food startup based in the United States, expands its delivery of meal kits across the country. Launched in 2019, The Cumin Club delivers authentic chef-curated five-minute meal kits for just $4.99 each. Serving the Indian diaspora and Indian food enthusiasts, the brand has made its mark in the booming ethnic food category.

“Our mission is to make authentic Indian food readily accessible around the world,”Says Kiru Rajagopal.

“Our mission is to make authentic Indian food readily accessible around the world,”Says Kiru RajagopalCo-founder of The Cumin Club. “Our meal kits are highly authentic with spices sourced from different regions of India, curated by expert chefs, convenient with a quick five-minute prep, and healthy with no preservatives added, artificial or natural.”

The Cumin Club reported a surge in demand for its meal kits over the past 12 months, with both customer count and revenue increasing by 10 and 15 percent respectively. The company closed a seed round investment with Listen Ventures and M25 to continue its expansion. ChicagoAngel investors based in the United States

“It is challenging to prepare ethnic food abroad in an authentic, flavorful and convenient manner. This is why we are so pumped to back The Cumin Club brand,” Rick DesaiListen Ventures, managing partner and head investment. “The company has the opportunity to bring the flavors from the homeland to people’s doors, helping them get to know the incredible tastes of Indian food and get more and more fluent in flavor.”

The company also launched The Cumin Bowl virtual restaurant, which serves authentic and healthy Indian dishes. Now available in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown ChicagoThe Cumin Bowl presents the familiar concept of “build-your-own bowl”Indian food delivered to your door via or other delivery apps like DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats.

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“The Cumin Bowl sets out to debunk the myths that Indian food is unhealthy by showing customers that not only is Indian food the ideal comfort meal, it’s also nutritious and flavorful,”Ragoth Bala, co-founder of The Cumin Club, said it. “Our goal is to reintroduce Indian foods in a way that it easily enters the weekly rotation of every American, along with Mexican, Thai, pizza and sushi.”

The Cumin bowl’s no-chef operation and simplified operations are what drive its expansion to 25 cities in the U.S. by 2022. The company is actively looking for partners to manage The Cumin Bowls in other cities. Interested parties may contact [email protected] for further details about opportunities.

About The Cumin Club

The Cumin Club provides curated meal plans based on authentic Indian cuisines. Meals are pre-cooked by local chefs. IndiaDelivered to customers’ homes around the globe to allow them to experience the authentic flavors of the country. The authentic cuisines of the country. IndiaIt is not easy to find them for Indians living abroad. For just $4.99The Cumin Club offers a variety of hearty, vegetarian, chef-curated Indian meals for only $5 per person. Our commitment to authentic spices, regional cuisines, and delicious meals saves our customers time and money. For more information, to view our menu and to order meal kits, please visit

About The Cumin Bowl

The Cumin Bowl is a virtual dining experience that is inspired by the soulful and nourishing flavors of Cumin. India. Our goal is to change Americans’ perceptions of Indian food, one bowl at time. The Cumin Bowl is a simple restaurant with a build-your own bowl approach. It offers Indian food in an accessible and non-threatening environment that caters to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. The Cumin Bowl’s first location opened in the River North area of ChicagoIt is expected to open 25 locations by 2022. For more information and to place an order, visit

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