The Celebrity-Owned Cannabis Brands to Know in 2022

Numerous celebrities have dabbled in the cannabis industry. They will usually sign a licensing agreement that allows cannabis brands to create a product and use the celeb’s name, image and likeness for marketing. Because of this, you will often see limited-edition drops where they release a product once — then you never see it again.


You don’t have to suffer the disappointment of a limited-edition release. These celebrity brands offer products that you can try again and again.

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Ricky Williams: Highsman

Highsman is the brand of Ricky Williams, a football legend. It also offers pre-rolls infused with flower. Highsman labels its strains as Halftime (hybrid), Pregame, and Postgame. The Jesus Zkittlezworth strains and Ken Jiffy Jr. aren’t half bad. The Berry Bonds strain is the champion though.

Available: California and Oregon

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Al Harrington: Viola

Viola is former NBA player Al Harrington’s brand. It also produces Allen Iverson’s line weed: Iverson. Viola has flower, pre-rolls, and concentrate — the concentrates are pretty fire, especially in Oregon.

That Iverson ’01 flower is a great-feeling smoke, too. Viola is Michigan’s largest marijuana market, so make sure to check out the brand’s heat.

Available: Colorado, Oregon, and Michigan

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Mike Tyson: Tyson 2.0

Formerly Tyson Ranch Tyson 2.0 is Mike Tyson’s weed brand. It comes with pre-rolls, flower, edibles, dabs and mouth spray. Toad is its top-of-the-line flower line. These include Sonoran Toad (Sunoran Toad), Desert Toad (Toad), and many others. The Sonoran Toad is the best, in my opinion — it tastes a little bit sweet and the high is a smooth daytime cruise.

Available: AZ, CA, CO, DE, MS, IL, MA, MI, NV, OH, DC

Tyson 2.0

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Berner: Cookies

You know Cookies. Everyone is familiar with cookies. It is known for its high-quality flowers and big blue stores in nearly every state. Berner, a rapper and entrepreneur from the Bay Area, is the face of the brand. He also helped to popularize the Cookie Family.

Some of the most sought-after strains are produced by the Cookie Fam, such as GSCGelatoGary Payton. Cookies sells pre-rolls of flower, dabs and edibles as well as vape cartridges.

Available: California, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon

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Canada Cookies

B Real: Insane x Dr. Greenthumb’s

Insane is my single favorite celebrity cannabis brand. It puts out some of the best flower California offers — terps, potency, all of that. Pre-rolls and flower are rolled out by this insane company. It is owned by B RealKenji Fujishima and, a long-time cannabis activist who was also a member of the legendary rap group Cypress Hill. They were there long before marijuana was legalized and could be found at Apple-esque stores. Check out the Insane OG strain to see just one of the many reasons B Real and Kenji are so highly respected.

Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary chain has recently developed into its own premium flower line.

Available: California

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Dr. Greenthumb

Willie Nelson: Willie’s reserve

Willie’s Reserve was created by Willie Nelson, a legendary country singer. He is also a big advocate and spokesperson for marijuana, especially in celebrity cultures. Willie’s Reserve sells weed products under the Willie’s brand. The brand allows you to get fire products from your favorite growers. Willie’s offers flower, pre-rolls and vape carts that distillate cannabis. Its most popular product, however, is its 5-pack joint pack.

Available: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Ohio

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Jay-Z: Monogram

Monogram is Jay-Z’s cannabis brand owned by The Parent Company. It was created with the purpose of helping Black and Brown communities become empowered by cannabis. It currently only produces pre-rolls, and flower. Monogram could soon have a strong presence in New York, once it’s up and running.

Available: California and Michigan

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Wiz Khalifa: Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush can be used as both a weed strain and a weed variety. and a brand from Wiz Khalifa. It has been available in Nevada for some time now, but only recently began making a California push. It produces pre-rollsAnd flower — KK has two strains right now: Khalifa Kush and Babby Powder. These cookies can be bought in most cookie shops.

Available: California and Nevada

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Jerry Garcia: Garcia Hand-Picked

The Garcia Hand Picked cannabis flower is a cool one. It isn’t the most potent, however the tasty terps that come from sun-grown cannabis are there. In partnership with Holistic Industry, Trixie Garcia, Jerry Garcia’s daughter, founded the brand in his honor. The brand offers pre-rolls, flower, and gummies.

Available: California, Maryland, and Massachusetts

Garcia hand picked

GKUA Ultra premium: Lil Wayne

GKUA Ultra Premium is rapper Lil’ Wayne’s cannabis brand — it has pre-rolls, flower, dabs, vapes, and gummies. Mr. Carter OG is one of its flagship strains.

Available: California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevado, and Oklahoma

GKUA Premium

Method Man Tical

Tical is a brand created by Method Man, a Wu-Tang member and rapper. The brand sells flower and gummies. Its flagship strains are different for each state. California is the home of the brand. C.R.E.A.M. strain and the C.R.E.AM. x El Blunto collab.

Available: Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, and Nevada

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Jam Master Jay Jam Master Jays

Jam Master Jay, a legendary member of the Jam family, died in 2009. RUN DMC. Jesse and TJ Mizell, his sons, carry on his legacy with the brand’s product. Jam Master Jays. It’s a 4-pack infused joints packaged in cassette tape packaging. It’s quite dope and they are reasonably affordable.

Available: California and Michigan

Jam Master Jays

Problem: Kush and coffee

Coffee and Kush comes from rapper Problem — go listen to “Keep Your Head” right damn now. It has three major strains, Mocha, Cappuccino, or Black.

I think The Black is fantastic. It’s dark, earthy, danky. These products are available in California at a few dispensaries.

Available: California

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Shavo Odadjian: 22Red


22Red is a cannabis brand from System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian. It produces vape cartridges, pre-rolls, flower, and pre-rolls. The flagship strain of this variety is 22 OG.

Available: Arizona, California, and Nevada

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Seth Rogen: Houseplant

Houseplant is Seth Rogen’s cannabis brand. Houseplant is better than most celebrity brands that sell mediocre products in fancy-looking bags. Pancake, DiabloPink Moon, and, are its flagship strains. Pink Moon is a great choice for a great smoking experience. It was a great experience for me.

Available: California and Canada

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Bella Thorne: Forbidden Flowers

Forbidden Flowers is Bella Thorne’s brand. It is made in partnership with Glass House Farms and features pre-rolls and flowers.

Available: California

Glass House Farms

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Jim Belushi: Belushi’s Farm

Belushi Farm was founded by Jim Belushi (comedian and actor). The label includes three brands: Captain Jack, The Blues Brother, and Chasing Magic. The Blues Brother line partnered up with Bhang to create a White Toast White Chocolate bar. It was absolutely delicious. If you find it, be sure to grab some Belushi.

Available: Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Oregon

Belushi Farm is located

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