The Best Photos from the 2022 Beijing Olympics


A little over a year later, the Beijing Olympics opened on February 3, with a small crowd. The U.S. participated in a diplomatic boycott of the Games, which means no government officials will be in attendance, but sent 224 athletes—the largest delegation from any participating country. The Winter Olympics are usually smaller than their summer counterparts, with 2,874 athletes representing 91 countries. (As opposed 11656 athletes from 206 nations last summer.

Here are some highlights from the 19-day competition in Beijing.

Day 16: Closing Ceremony

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony, the Olympic cauldron can be seen alongside the Olympic rings.

Day 16: Cross-Country Skiing

Team Norway’s Therese Johaug celebrates her win of gold in the women’s cross-country skiing competition.

Day 16 Mixed Team Alpine

Following the mixed team parallel small final, Tommy Ford (L), Mikaela Shifrin (C) and Paula Moltzan (R), look on.

Day 16: Men’s Ice Hockey

Team Finland celebrates after winning the Gold Medal

Day 15: Men’s Halfpipe Freestyle Skiing

David Wise from Team United States performs a trick in his second run.

Day 15: Pairs Figure Skating

Team Georgia’s Karina Saffina and Luka Brulava during a pair skating event.

Day 15: Around the Games

A young girl plays inside one of the Olympic Rings displayed in the Olympic Forest Park.

Day 15: Freestyle Skiing

Alex Ferreira from Team United States reacts to his third run in the men’s freestyle ski halfpipe final.

Day 15: Figure Skating

Cong Han from Team China and Wenjing Sui complete an impressive act during the pairs skating event.

Day 14: Men’s ski cross

Simone Deromedis (R) and Brady Leman (L) of Team Canada compete in the men’s skicross small final.

Day 14: Bobsleigh

Deborah Levi and Laura Nolte of Team Germany slide during 2-women Bobsleigh heats.

Day 14: Freestyle Skiing

Eileen Gu, Team China, reacts to her second run.

Day 14: Men’s Biathlon

Benedikt Doll, Team Germany, and Vetle Sjaastad Christen, Team Norway compete in men’s biathlon.

Day 13: Women’s Ice Hockey

Canada celebrates its victory over the United States in the gold medal match.

Day 13: Women’s Alpine Combined

Cande Moreno from Team Andorra skis during Team Andorra’s women’s alpine combined descent race.

Day 13: Figure Skating

Alexandra Trusova, Team ROC, skates alongside the rings.

Day 13: Figure Skating

Kaori Sakamoto, from Team Japan, skates during the free skate portion.

Day 12: Cross-Country Skiing

The women’s cross-country team sprint final is where the athletes compete.

Day 12: Cross-Country Skiing

Katharina Shennig and Katherine Sauerbrey, gold medallists in Team Germany (C), silver medallists Maja Dahlqvist & Jonna Sundling in Team Sweden (L), bronze medallist Yulia Stupak & Natalia Nepryaeva in Team ROC (R), celebrate.

Day 12: Freestyle Skiing

Alexander Hall, a gold medalist for Team USA, celebrates with a stuffed animal from the Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen Dwen at the freestyle skiing freeski slopestyle flowers ceremony.

Day 11: Figure Skating

Kamila Valieva from Team ROC skates during a women’s short program.

Day 11: Women’s Freestyle Skiing Freeski Slopestyle Medal Ceremony

Eileen Gu, a Chinese American athlete, poses with her Silver Medal.

Day 10: Monobob

Kaillie Humphries, Team United States (L), and Elana Meyers Taylor, Team United States(R) were the gold medalists during the women’s monobobbobsleigh finals.

Day 10: Women’s freestyle skiing

Dominique Ohaco from Team Chile performs a trick during women’s freestyle ski slopestyle qualification.

Day 10: Ice Dancing

Gabriella Papadakis (Team France) and Guillaume Cizeron (Team France) skate during an ice dancing event

Day 10: Ski Jumping

Dominik Peter, from Team Switzerland, competes during the men’s team ski jumping.

Day 10: Ski Jumping

Team Austria’s Stefan Kraft, Daniel Huber, Jan Hoerl, and Maneul Fettner celebrate winning the gold medal in the men’s ski jumping competition.

Day 9: Speed Skating

Team United States’ Erin Jackson reacts to winning the gold medal during Women’s 500m.

Day 9: Women’s freestyle skiing aerials

Akmarzhan Kalmurzayeva from Team Kazakhstan performs a trick during a practice run before the Women’s Freestyle Skiing Aerials qualification.

Day 9: Speed Skating

Here, Team Canada skating.

Day 9: Curling

Team Sweden’s Agnes Knochenhauer and Anna Hasselborg face off against Team United States in the Women’s Curling Round Robin Session.

Day 9: Cross Country Skiing

Friedrich Moch, from Team Germany, competes in the Men’s Cross-Country Skiing 4x10km Race Relay.

Day 9: Snowboard Big Air training

Katie Ormerod, from Team Great Britain, performs a trick during a Snowboard Big Air Training session.

Day 8: Speed skating

Cornelius Kersten, Team Great Britain, and Ivan Arzhanikov, Team Kazakhstan, skate during the Men’s 500m.

Day 8: Ice Dancing

Tim Koleto from Team Japan and Misato Koatsubara skate during the ice rhythm dance competition.

Day 8: Snowboard Mixed Team Cross

Team United States gold medalists Lindsey Jacobellis and Nick Baumgartner celebrate during the mixed-team snowboard cross finals flower ceremony at Genting Snow Park.

Day 8: Snowboard Mixed Team Cross

During the snowboard mixed team cross final, Lindsey Jacobellis (R) and Michela Moioli (L) cross the finish lines.

Day 7: Women’s Super G

Mikaela Shiffrin competes in the Women’s Super G at Yanqing China.

Day 7: Ski Jumping

Halvor Egner Granerud from Team Norway competes in the men’s large-hill individual round for qualification at China’s National Ski Jumping Center Zhangjiakou.

Day 7: Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe

At the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Shaun White’s Olympic career is over.

Day 7: Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe

After finishing fourth at the men’s halfpipe final, Shaun White embraces JJ Thomas.

Day 7: Women’s Ice Hockey

Team Canada gathers before the quarterfinal match against Team Sweden in women’s hockey.

Day 7: Men’s Skeleton

Zheng Yin, from Team China, slides during a men’s skeleton Heat.

Day 7: Speed skating on a short track

Suzanne Schulting from Team Netherlands competes in the Women’s 1000m Final B.

Day 6: Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe

Chloe Kim from Team United States, a gold medalist, cries during the final flower ceremony of the women’s snowboard halfpipe.

Day 6: Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe

Chloe Kim after winning the gold.

Day 6: Men’s Skeleton

Tomass Dukurs, from Team Latvia, slides during the Men’s Skeleton heats.

Day 6: Figure Skating

Nathan Chen skates during men’s single-free skate competition.

Day 6: Figure Skating medal ceremony

Nathan Chen from Team United States with his medal at the medal ceremony of the men’s singles figure-skating competition.

Day 6: Men’s snowboard cross

Athletes compete in the quarterfinals of men’s snowboardcross at Genting Snow Park Zhangjiakou China.

Day 6: Figure Skating

Yuma Kagiyama from Team Japan skates during Team Japan’s single free skate competition.

Day 5: Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe

Team Japan’s Mitsuki Ono performs a trick during the Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe Qualification.

Day 5: Women’s skeleton training

Valentina Margaglio, Team Italy, slides during Women’s Skelleton training at National Sliding Centre.

Day 5: Speed skating on a short track

During the Men’s 1500m Final B, Shaoang Liu from Team Hungary, Steven Dubois from Team Canada, Semen Elstratov and Adil Galiakhmetov from Team Kazakhstan, and Daeheon Hywang of Team South Korea compete.

Day 5: Women’s Slalom

Petra Vlhova, gold medalist of Team Slovakia, celebrates on the podium.

Day 5: Men’s Ice Hockey

Simon Hrubec #11, Goalkeeper for Team Czech Republic, defends the goal against Team Denmark during the first period of the Men’s PREliminary Round Group A match.

Day 4: Speed Skating

Sergei Trofimov (L), of Team ROC, and Emery Lehman(R), of Team United States skate during Men’s 1500m.

Day 4: Men’s skeleton training

China’s Yin Zheng participates in the men’s skeleton training program at the Yanqing National Sliding Centre.

Day 3: Figure Skating Team Event

USA’s Alexa and Brandon Knierim compete in the pair skating event of the figure skating team.

Day 3: Figure Skating Team Event

Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto competes at the women’s free-skate of the figure skating team event.

Day 3: Figure Skating Team Event

Karen Chen, from Team United States, reacts to the women’s free skating.

Day 3: Curling Mixed Doppels

Rachel Homan from Team Canada competes against Team Italy

Day 3: Men’s Freestyle skiing – Big Air

Nicholas Goepper from Team United States performs a trick at the Big Air Shougang qualification rounds for the men’s freestyle ski big air competition.

Day 3: Figure Skating Team Event

Canada’s Vanessa James competes against Canada’s Eric Radford in the figure skating portion of the team event.

Day 3: Women’s Giant Slalom

USA’s Mikaela Shifrin is disqualified in the first round of the women’s giant ski slalom.

Day 3: Figure Skating Team Event

Madison Chock and Evan Bates from Team United States perform ice dancing during the figure skating team event.

Day 2: Men’s freestyle big air training

An athlete performs during the Freestyle Skiing Big Air training session.

Day 1: Women’s Ice Hockey

Team United States celebrates their 5-0 win against Team ROC in the Women’s Preliminary Group A.

Day 1: Men’s Big Air Skiing Freestyle Training

A scene from the Men’s Freestyle Skiing Big-Air Training session.

Day 1: Women’s Speed Skating on the Short Track

Petra Jaszapati from Team Hungary, Kim Boutin from Team Canada and Maame Biney from Team United States compete in the Women’s 500m heats.

Day 1: Men’s freestyle skiing moguls

Mikael Kingsbury, Team Canada, performs a trick at the Men’s Freestyle Skiing Moguls final at Genting Snow Park, Zhangjiakou on February 05th, 2022.

Day 1: Mixed Biathlon

Mixed Biathlon 4x6km relay race at National Biathlon Centre.

Day 1: Mixed Biathlon

Martin Ponsiluoma from Team Sweden participates in the Mixed Biathlon 4x6km Relay at National Biathlon Centre, Zhangjiakou, China, February 05, 2022

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

During the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, performers performed under a giant white snowflake with an Olympic flame at its center.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

During the Opening Ceremony, Zhihuan Li, Hui Zhang and Jiajun Li carry the Olympic Flag.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

Children perform with light-up bird puppets during the opening ceremony of China’s National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

Performers hold up snowflakes that bear the names of countries participating in the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

Brittany Bowe and John Shuster, flag bearers for Team United States, carry the American flag at the Parade of Nations.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

Performers in light-up suits dressed as hockey players are on hand.

Day 0 – Opening Ceremony

A view from the top of the Opening Ceremony.

Day 0 – Figure Skating Team Event

Nathan Chen from the USA skates in Men’s Single Skating Short Program Team Event. Chen, the gold medal favorite in figure skating’s men’s singles, finished first and scored a personal-best 111.71 points.

Day 0: Women’s Hockey

Ekaterina (R), a Russian Olympic Committee athlete, shoots for a goal in the women’s preliminary group A match. Russia defeated Switzerland 5-2 by the Olympic Committee.

Day 0: Alpine Skiing training

Alexis Pinturault, from Team France, is training for the men’s race in Yanqing China.

Day 0: Luge training

Germany’s Max Langenhan participates in the singles luge training session for men at Yanqing National Sliding Center, ahead of the official opening of the Olympics.

Day 0: Snowboard Slopestyle Training

Jamie Anderson from Team USA performs a trick at the Genting Snow Park, Zhangjiakou in China.

Day 1: Curling Mixed Doubles

Jennifer Dodds from Team Great Britain competes against Team Switzerland in the Curling Mixed Doubles Round Robin, which took place just one day before the official start to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Day 1: Speed Skating Training

(L-R) Sven Kramer, Beau Snellink and Marcel Bosker of Team Netherlands skate during a speed skating general training session.

Day -1: Luge training

Felix Loch, from Team Germany, slides during the Men’s Solos training run at sundown.

Day -1: Freestyle Skiing course test

A official inspects the course before the freestyle skiing events at Shougang BIG AIR in Beijing.

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