Thai Baang Bakery has affordable and authentic Thai breads

Japanese, Korean and French bakeries might be pretty easy to find in Singapore — but can you name a Thai bakery off the top of your head? 

Photo: 妳好 Nihao/RED

Here’s one for you — located just a few minutes walk away from Lavender MRT, Thai Baang BakeryThis humble bakery is full of delicious treats Delicious Thai bites and bakes

The bakery emits almost a Feel nostalgicYou will find a wide range of tin breads at very affordable prices. And here’s a wholesome little story for you — the owner of the store was inspired to start her own bakery because the local bakeries in Thailand brought back fond memories of her late grandfather. 

thai baang bakery thai bakery singapore
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While the owner of the bakery isn’t Thai, she spent a good deal of time in Thailand working in a local bakery to master the craft of baking Thai breads and pastries (such dedication!) — so you’re able to taste only the most authentic flavours right here on our sunny island. 

thai baang bakery thai bakery singapore
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Their most loved item is the Tom Yam Chicken Tin Bread (S$2.20).Super. Mochi Buns (S$3.50), IG and TikTok-worthy pullaway Mochi BunsThey come in a variety flavours, including black sesame, peanut, and yam. 

thai baang bakery thai bakery singapore
Photo: 妳好 Nihao/RED

The bakery also offers a substantial menu, including a variety of desserts. cheesecakes, castella cakes, keto-friendly products(For those who are conscious about what they eat!) And more. 

They also offer a sweeter, indulgent version. Banana Chocolate (S$2.20) bread that’s also one of their crowd favourites. 

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Just a heads up though, the bakery might be small but it’s really popular — so you might want to head on over earlier if you want to have the full selection of choices! 

thai baang bakery thai bakery singapore

The next time you’re looking to try something new (but oddly familiar at the same time), check out Thai Baang Bakery! 

Thai Baang Bakery
Facebook | Website
📍 01-41, Kitchener Complex, 809 French Rd, Singapore 200809
🕒 8.30am — 8.30pm (Mon-Sat), 9am — 8.30pm (Sun)

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