Teleconsultation, telemedicine service begins between BGH and Chasnala Dispensary

Under the direction of Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Chief Medical Officer (Medical and Health Services), and with the support from BK Tiwari, tele-consultation and telemedicine were established between Bokaro General Hospital and Chasnala Dispensary. CGM (P & A), Sanjay Tiwari and Chief Medical Officer (Medical & Health Services), Dr. Varsha Ganesh Pandey, Additional CMO(Medical & Health Services), Dr. S. Samaddar, General manager (Tech.serv.) S Banerjee; DGM (Finance & Accounts), S Singha; Assistant CMO Dr. Poonam Kumari; PR Barik, Chinmoy Bansal and Rajesh K. Meena Chash K. Meena

The doctors met with Mona Devi during tele-consultation and advised her to take the medicines she needed. Chasnala, Jitpur, and other personnel in the colliery are all eligible to take advantage of this service. This facility is available to all personnel working in the Colliery Division (BSL). Telemedicine has been made possible by the introduction of video conferencing. Patients from far-flung locations can now access the advice or consultations of BGH specialists. Additionally, arrangements have been made to transport any patient who is seriously ill in an emergency.

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