Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy Chris Lopez shades star & says ‘I can get the kids right too’ as nasty feud continues

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowery’s baby daddy Chris Lopez was a slut at his reality star ex, and said that he could “get the kids right too”As their feud continued.

Chris, 27, shared two photos of Lux in an Instagram story.

Chris Lopex showed off Lu'x new haircut

Chris Lopex showed off Lu’x’s new haircut Credit: Chrisxlopezz/Instagram
Chris wrote he could 'get the kids right too'

Chris wrote that he could ‘get it right’ for the children.Credit: TikTok

The snaps show the four-year old boy sporting his new haircut.

He captioned the post with: “I can get the kids right too.”

The Instagram story then resurfaced on a Teen Mom fan page. 

The text reads: “Chris shows off Lux’s new hairstyle!”

Chris was claimed by the fan account “new girlfriend” Lux’s hair was cut by him.

Kailyn, 29 years old, is the mother to her four-year-old sons Lux and Creed.

She also shares Isaac (11), with Jo Rivera and Lincoln (7 with Javi Marroquin).


Kailyn appeared at the beginning of November to be bashing Chris’ baby mama in her latest episode of her podcast. Baby Mamas: No Drama.

She said, “I don’t want to deal with cheating or lying, or wondering what your baby mama is doing.”

“I don’t want to get acquainted with your baby mama. I don’t care what happens to your baby mama.

She continued: “I don’t want to be involved, I don’t want s**t to do with it.”

Chris’s new girlfriend was implied by the TV star who said: “And there’s one that I do not give a f**k about at all.”

She continued, “All that I want is for your kindness to my children.”

“I don’t want to know you, I’ve never met you, I don’t want to meet you, just be good to my kids and you will not hear a word from me.” B

Back in September, Kailyn claimed Chris was allegedly having another child with another woman.

She wrote the following on Instagram at the same time: “Congratulations to Chris & his new family. So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love.”


Towards the end of October, the Teen Mom 2 star ranted about her ex while he was reportedly on vacation in Florida with his friends.

The MTV star lashed out: “You should take care of your financial obligations to your children before going on a trip to Miami.

“You should respond to text messages about medical bills that are unpaid, you should respond to anything that your kid might need before you leave.”

The TV personality said, “Just because you have it financially does not mean that you should be responsible for your actions.”

“So as a parent, if you’re planning on going out, make sure that your kids are taken care of first.”

Kailyn Lowry congratulated her ex Chris on 'his new family'

Kailyn Lowry congratulated Chris on his new family.Credit: MTV
Kailyn pictured with Lux and Creed

Kailyn photographed with Lux & CreedCredit: Social Media. Refer to source
Kailyn warned Chris 'to take care of your financial obligations to your children'

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