Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed for incorrectly strapping son Creed, 1, in car seat during drive


KAILYN Lowry faced backlash from fans after she was spotted strapping her one-year-old son Creed in his car seat incorrectly.

After her custody battle and emotional breakdowns, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been in controversy for her parenting skills.


Kailyn shared a clip of her one-year-old sitting improperly in his car seatCredit: Instagram
Fans slammed her parenting decisions as 'unsafe'


Fans slammed her parenting decisions as ‘unsafe’

Kailyn, 29, took to Instagram this week to share a video of her four sons and a friend as they left the house on an outing.

The reality star showed her five children in the back seat, with Lux, four-year old, and Creed, a year old, in the middle row.

The TV personality captioned her shot: “Kail and the Chaos + 1”, as she joked about her busy life as a mom of four.

Fans weren’t as impressed as she, with one person re-sharing the photo to their page @teenmom.tea.

The user slammed Kailyn by writing: “Don’t want to ‘mom shame’ but I doubt her newly 1 year old is above the weight and height requirement to front sit.”

They added the statement: “In other news, fans are wondering why Kail has creed front facing already 🤔,” to the caption, inciting anger in the comments section.

“CAR SEAT SAFETY IS NOT A PARENTING CHOICE. THINK she’d know that by her fourth kid,” One person rants.

“I truly believe you can’t ‘mom shame’ when it comes to safety. Property car seat safety isn’t a parenting choice” Another agreed.

A third reasoned: “Its not mom shaming, it’s flat out unsafe,” while a fourth contributed: “I worked in a baby store all throughout college. You are correct.

“It is recommended for a child to rear facing until 2. It is wayyy safer during car accidents,” They continued.

“The weight does not even matter, it is truly about the height and I doubt he is over 4ft.”


The Sun previously released a 2019 survey compiled by OnePoll for the car manufacturer SEAT, which highlighted 10 rules for car seat safety and the risks of not doing so.

SEAT explained that parents should always “use a certified child seat according to height and weight” and “always use the rear seats rather than the front.”

The child must be “fastened in the seat correctly” with the straps “tightened on the harness.”

Parents should ensure that their child remain “facing the rear” of the vehicle until age two, with “no exceptions made” even during “short trips.”

Incorrectly following car seat safety rules or completely disregarding can have devastating consequences.

A child weighing 18lbs and being thrown from a vehicle seat during a collision at 30mph is comparable to falling from three stories.

Kailyn’s first birthday was celebrated by Creed, her son. The photo has since been deleted.


This was not the first time the TV personality has faced issues regarding her parenting skills.

Late last month the MTV star had a meltdown as she felt the “stress” of raising four young boys.

She had an outburst when she was filming Baby Mama’s No Drama with Vee Rivera.

“Are you stressed today baby mama?” Vee asked.

Kailyn responds, shouting out “A little! What the f**k!”.

Kailyn responded by shouting out.

Kailyn had an outburst while filming her podcast


Kailyn had an outburst while filming her podcastCredit: Instagram @kaillowry
She is a single mom to four boys


She is a single mom to four boysCredit: Instagram @kaillowry
Kailyn and her ex Chris have been battling over the custody of their two kids


Kailyn and her ex Chris have been battling over the custody of their two kids
Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry claims she’s spent $80K on lawyers as she fights ex Chris Lopez over custody of Lux and Creed

Podcast:Kail Speaks Out Chris Lopez Expecting THIRD Child

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