Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry says she ‘dislikes’ Jo Rivera ‘more than ever’ & won’t speak to Chris Lopez in baby daddy feuds


Kailyn Lowry, TEEN Mom, shared her feelings about her children’s fathers in an episode of her podcast.

Kailyn shares four kids with three baby daddies – Isaac, 11, with Jo Rivera, Lincoln, seven, with Javi Marroquin, and Lux, four, and Creed, one, with Chris Lopez.


Kailyn revealed that she does not have a good relationship on podcast with her fathers.Credit: Instagram/Kailyn Lowry
She said that she


She stated that she “dislikes Jo now more than ever”Credit: MTV

On a recent episode her podcast Coffee Convos, the reality star shared how her relationship with her fathers has been.

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Kailyn admitted that it was difficult being a single mother of four boys to talk to Lindsie Chrisley about the experience and lessons she has learned.

“I don’t have a relationship with Chris at all, we don’t communicate whatsoever,”The star opened up about her younger boys’ father.

“I think the last five or six text messages that I sent obviously about the kids, have not been respond to. Just read,”She explained.

“And it was still important for me that Lux looked back it’s like, “okay my mother didn’t only include myself and my brothers on her side on my Instagram.

“Because at some point, I’m going to hand it over to him and he’s going to have those pictures on there and he’s going to be able to look back and be like ‘my mom might not like my dad but my dad was posted on my Instagram,'”She added.

Lindsie suggested that it takes three years for exes in a relationship to be able communicate effectively in co-parenting. Kailyn disagreed and admitted that her relationship has not improved.

“I don’t know, I think that’s good for the average but I like dislike Jo more now than I ever did.”

She continued to describe her relationship with her other children’s dad’s sayings: “Javi and I still, I would say, he has harder periods than I do right now. Where I’ve like completely mellowed out. I just don’t react the same anymore and then Chris and I just don’t communicate at all.”


Kailyn, a podcast host, shared her reflections on being a young mom. She revealed that she spent some time in a maternity ward. “homeless shelter”Jo left Jo shortly after the birth and adoption of their son Isaac.

MTV’s MTV star explained how the teenage father got involved in his story. “abuse”She was instrumental in her transition to the “funded housing.”

“When I stayed at a shelter, it wasn’t because of domestic violence but it still kinda resonates because there was a lot of verbal and emotional abuse and I know that some people don’t remember but Jo was like that towards me,”She admitted it.

Teen Mom 2 has many scenes of such abuse. So that’s why I resonated with it a bit. I stayed in a shelter for homeless people with Isaac.

“I don’t know if some people don’t know that. I stayed at a homeless shelter in East Pennsylvania with Isaac,”She explained.

“I was able access the privately funded transitional housing. I didn’t quite qualify for section eight housing.

“I qualified for something that was privately funded after I stayed at the homeless shelter,”The TV personality was recalled.

Kailyn’s admittance came as a shock as she has learned to co-parent with Jo amicably since their breakup in 2011.

The 29-year-old has even formed a relationship with his wife Vee, and the two host another podcast called Baby Mamas No Drama.

Podcast:Kail Speaks Out Chris Lopez Expecting THIRD Child


Since then, Kailyn and Jo have maintained a civil co-parenting system despite small disputes regarding their son.

However, the Teen Mom 2 star has been quite vocal of late about her frustrations surrounding her “three baby daddies.”

Earlier this month, Kailyn asked fans to disclose things that annoy or anger them, and she shared her favorites for all to see.

One follower wrote: “My deadbeat baby daddy,” and the Teen Mom star re-shared the post in agreement.

She also said that she has no communication with her youngest boys' father Chris


She also stated that she does not communicate with Chris, her youngest boy’s father.Credit: Social Media Source
Kailyn and Jo share 11-year-old son Isaac


Kailyn and Jo share a 11-year old son IsaacCredit: Instagram
She previously detailed on the podcast how she stayed in a homless shelter after leaving Jo who was emotionally abusing her


She previously shared on the podcast her experience in staying in a homless shelter following Jo’s emotional abuse.Credit: Getty
Kailyn Lowry, a teenage mom, claims that Javi Marroquin throws tantrums & threatens to call cops when they argue about their son

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