Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry insists her exes ‘always come back to her’ after throwing shade at Chris Lopez’s new baby mama

Kailyn Lowry, TEEN Mom, shared with fans that her exes always come back’ while she continued to argue heads with Chris Lopez (her youngest boy).

Reality star recently attacked her ex’s mother for having a baby. She claimed that she doesn’t “want to get to know”Her or “be involved”in their lives.


Kailyn stated to her fans that her exes “always come back” in response to comments she received on a TikTok clip.Credit: Instagram
Kailyn recently bashed her ex Chris's baby's mother on her podcast saying 'I don't want to get to know your baby mama'


Kailyn recently attacked Chris’s baby’s mom on her podcast. Kailyn said, “I don’t want to get into your baby mama’.”Credit: Instagram

Kailyn insists to her followers, despite her harsh words that she was not harsh with her ex-boyfriends.

A RedditThe user-shotted replies that the 29 year-old made to fans’ comments about a TikTok video posted by her were captured by user.

The inital comment read: “YALL. 1. It’s a JOKE. 2. She knows she has three BD’s, she’s counting them each for their title, so 2 BD’s and 1 ex H. Y’all ruin everything. It’s a joke.”

The mother-of-four quickly responded by writing: “THEY RUIN EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG”

A second commenter made reference to Kailyn’s ex Chris, who the MTV star revealed was having a son with another woman.

“Nothing wrong with being second baby mom. He obviously didn’t get it right with you,”They wrote it along with a laughing face Emoji.

Kailyn sent her reply again in writing. “But they always come back”

Teen Mom 2 star, Teen Mom 2, has been discussing her relationship with her fathers on the show.

She has also talked about her struggles with coparenting on her podcast Baby Mamas: No Drama.


Kailyn, who appeared to be slamming Chris’ baby’s mom in a podcast episode, soon after revealing that she was pregnant with another child.

She stated, “I don’t want to deal cheating, lying or wondering what you’re doing to your baby mama.”

“I don’t want to get to know your baby mama. I don’t care about your baby mama, I don’t want to be involved, I don’t want s**t to do with it.”

Kailyn is the mother of four sons: Isaac, 11, with Jo Rivera; Lincoln, 7, with Javi Marquin and Lux; 4; and Creed 1, with Chris.

Kailyn then began to go through her baby daddies partners and told podcast cohost Vee, who is Jo’s spouse, that they were. “cool”.

She implied that she believed in “not cool at all” with Javi’s former partner Lauren Comeau, who she previously claimed had called her a “fat f**k”.

Kailyn was referring to Chris when she said, “and there’s one that I do not give a f**k about at all.”

She continued, “All I want to you to be kind to my children.”

“I don’t want to know you, I’ve never met you, I don’t want to meet you, just be good to my kids and you will not hear a word from me.”

Back in September, Kailyn claimed Chris is having another son with another woman.

She wrote this on Instagram at that time: “Congratulations to Chris & his new family. So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love.”


Recently, the young mom hit back at those who mocked her for running through three fathers after two splits.

Kailyn took to TikTok on Friday to make a parody about the fathers of her sons.

The TV star posed selfie-style with her hand under the chin and bobbed her head forward and back.

As she adjusted her hair in camera and took a drink from a water bottle to hydrate, words appeared on screen. “I mayyyyy have 2 baby daddies and an ex husband.”

A few seconds later smaller words appeared beneath that statement: “But I will never be the second baby mama,”Then she ended it with a kiss emoticon.

Kailyn was trolled by fans who took advantage of the opportunity to post comments about various topics related to her failed relationships. One particular commenter claimed that she had been sex with another man. “can’t keep” men around.

“All these baby daddies and can’t get one of them to stay,”One ripped, along with a laughing Emoji.

The mother of four was not amused, and she shot back: “If they were worth keeping I’d still have them.”

She recently revealed that her ex Chris is having another son with another woman


She revealed recently that Chris, her ex, is having another child with another womanCredit: Reddit
Kailyn and Chris are parents to sons Creed and Lux


Kailyn is married to Chris, and they have two sons, Creed & Lux.Credit: Instagram
Kailyn is also mom to son Isaac with ex Jo Rivera and son Lincoln with ex Javi Marroquin


Kailyn is also a mom to Isaac and Lincoln, both with ex Jo Rivera.Credit: Social Media – Refer to source
Kailyn Lowry, Teen Mom, claps back at the trolls after one star tells her she ‘CAN’T get her daddies to stay’

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