Teen Mom fans think Kailyn Lowry & son Lux, 3, are ‘twins’ in adorable new Instagram photo


Teen Moms love Kailyn Lowry’s new photo of her and Lux.

They like the MTV mom and her 3-year-old daughter “twins” a beautiful Instagram snap.


Teen Moms love Kailyn Lowry’s new photo of her and Lux, her son. Credit: Instagram/Kailyn Lowry
They think the MTV mom and her three-year-old look like 'twins' in an adorable new Instagram snap


They think the MTV mom with her three-year-old daughter look like twins in a cute new Instagram photo Credit: Social Media – Refer to source

Kailyn posted this captioned photo of Lux at his football practice. “Saturdays are for football! @luxrlowry.”

Followers commented “Twins!!!! So cute!!!”

Others agreed in writing “That’s your twin”

Another shared: “Yea your twin for sure!!”

Other added: “Okay y’all are TWINS in this picture!!”

Kailyn shared a sweet photo of her children last month. “twin.”

The sweet photo featured Creed, Creed’s 1-year-old brother. He was recently dubbed his mom’s lookalike.

His brothers Lincoln, seven-year-old, and Lux, three-year old, were also included in the snap.

She also has an 11 year-old son, Isaac. He was not present in the photo.

Lincoln was holding onto Creed, his baby brother, while Lux grabbed Lux for the moment.

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The three boys smiled as their mom took the photograph.

This sweet photo was taken after Kailyn’s fans suggested that Creed looked like her. “twin”After sharing a cute photo of her toddler, she tweeted it.

When she captured her youngest child in a cute shot, she made comparisons to him.

The MTV star’s fans gushed over the resemblance between mother and son, with one writing: “That’s your twin, Kail!”

Another, “He looks like Kail and Isaac [Kailyn’s oldest son],”While a third was posted: “I’m in love with him.”


Yesterday, Kailyn shared a snap in her Instagram stories of a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers in a vase.

She captioned the photos: “Y’all.”

Later, the MTV mom shared that she had just left the shower and hadn’t answered the door when the flowers arrived because she wasn’t expecting visitors.

The flowers were given to her by Kristin and Alexa by her friend. She stated that they are the best. “best flowers” She’s ever been given.


Earlier this month, Kailyn revealed she planned a “first date” with a new man, but canceled because she found out he “f****d” Her friend.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 29, shared the scandalous situation on her podcast Coffee Convos, which she co-hosts with Lindsie Chrisley.

The reality stars debated opinions on participation trophies and divorce versus separations.

At the beginning of the episode, Kailyn revealed the juicy mishap she encountered over her weekend.

Lindsie asked Kailyn: “What happened to you this weekend?”

Kailyn started: “It was one of my friend’s birthday over the weekend and she invited me out to this restaurant/bar.”

Kailyn received a message from a new man, who began messaging her. She noted that they shared many commonalities. “mutual friends.”

Kailyn believed it would be casual. “not like a random date”To invite him to the birthday celebration, she spoke his name in front all her friends and asked if they would mind if he came along.

The single mother of four shared her thoughts: “My friend asked how to spell his name.

“She said, ‘Kail, let me see a picture of him right now.'”

Kailyn shared her photo with the party because she knew immediately that something was wrong

Unidentified friend of hers said: “He can’t come here.”

Kailyn asked: “Why, what do you mean?”

The friend replied: “I had a thing with him. I used to f**k him.”

Kailyn contacted the unidentified man to cancel the date. “You can’t come here because you f**ked my friend.”

After Kailyn sent him a photo of herself, the unidentified man denied knowing Kailyn.

According to reports, he asked: “Who is that?”

Kailyn sent her date via her friend’s Instagram account. He recognized her.

Kailyn cancelled the date claiming that she would “never hook up with someone that my friend has.”

Both Lux and Creed have been called Kailyn's twin


Both Lux and Creed were called Kailyn’s twinsCredit: Instagram / @kaillowry
Yesterday, Kailyn shared a snap in her Instagram stories of a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers in a vase


Kailyn shared yesterday’s Instagram story of a beautiful bouquet filled with colorful flowers in a vase.
Kailyn has four sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and Creed


Kailyn is the mother of four sons: Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.
Kailyn, Teen Mom, shares funny anecdotes after a ‘canceling date’ with a new man

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