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Evie was the lucky winner on Saturday of this huge Easter Basket.

By Hamilton Richardson

Elmore/Autauga News

Residents, families, as well as business people, gathered at Spinners Park for the third Spinners Bunny Shop Hop to enjoy arts, crafts, and family fun.

The park was filled with sixty-eight vendors, activities for children, Easter Basket giveaways, raffle prizes, and a beautiful seahorse Quilt.

The event attracted hundreds of local residents. Vendors offered arts and crafts, food trucks, and bounce houses.

“Whatever we make goes back to the community,”She is a long-standing member of the Spinners group, and has been involved for over 31 years.

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The Spinners are a Prattville-based group that dates back to 1951. They have a long history of selflessness, giving back, and helping the community.

Spinners’ President Linda Devenecia said originally the group was formed by area military wives, who did not feel accepted in other community organizations at that time.

Over the years, members of the organization desired a home base for their activities. They mortgaged their homes to purchase the land where Spinners Park offers activities and fun for local children throughout the year.

“We own Spinners Park and the city rents it from us,” Devenecia said.

The group has approximately 15 active members right now, but new members are always welcome. It is not necessary to be able to quilt. The four active quilters are happy and able to share their knowledge. The beautiful quilt was created by them over the past year and was raffled off on Saturday. Another one will be on sale at their next big event in Oct. “We are working on that quilt now and hope to have tickets available in time for CityFest,” Devenecia said.

“We have about 15 active members and a handful of members in retirement (a Spinner but not required to participate in activities). If anyone is interested in joining they can message us on Facebook or call me 717-1141 and I would love to meet with them. There are no requirement to know how to sew, but we would be glad to share that skill with others. The monies raised during the years of fundraising have been put back into the community, and total over $500,000 to date.”

Ilse Mears said that Saturday’s event was the spring craft fair and that there is also a fall event as well, the beloved Pumpkin Patch Craft Show held annually in October. These events, as well as other events throughout the year raise funds with all proceeds going back to the community. The YMCA, Rescue Squad and many other local organisations have all benefited from the funds.

Spinners, a 501(C) (3) charitable organization is Devenecia said that the $11,000 raised in 2013 will be presented to recipients at a May event.

Families had a blast browsing and shopping for all kinds of creative projects. The Easter Bunny also visited and helped the children have a great day in the great weather at an event.

When you’re next enjoying the playground, an event or simply walking among the trees in the park, remember the Spinners women and the sacrifices that they made over the years to make it possible.

For more information on the Spinners, please call 334-717-1141.

Brock was the lucky recipient of this large Easter basket Saturday at Spinners Park.

Carol Crowley and Ilse Mears have been involved with Spinners for many decades.

Door prizes at Spinners Park were won by Jeannie Mayo and Allen Frasier, Darlene Blumentritt and Austin Fischer

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