Sheriff asks for more manpower in case Board opts in to medical marijuana – Picayune Item

Preparation for the Pearl River County  Board of Supervisors opts in to the state’s medical marijuana production and distribution program, Sheriff David Allison presented the Board with some requests.

He requested an additional $834125 in funding to hire additional investigators, deputies, and gear. He stated that he would like to hire four additional deputies to patrol streets, as well as two more criminal investigators and two more narcotics detectives.

He stated that this amount will only cover the first year. In subsequent years, additional funding will be required to reach $714,125. An additional $120,000 is needed to buy additional vehicles and equipment for each new investigator or deputy.

Rob Williams with the Sheriff’s Department then went on to present a list of suggested policies for any ordinance the Board may pass if it decides to opt in to the program.

Some of the suggestions were about the operating hours of dispensaries and grow facilities, and when the marijuana will be shipped to dispensaries. Williams suggested that the Board limit the time processed marijuana can be transported.  To visit a dispensary from Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

He also suggested that marijuana be banned from dispensary or grow facility premises, that it be prohibited from being used in public places, that it not be sold to patients, that security glass is installed between dispensaries and patients, and that metal doors be locked at all dispensary or grow facilities.

For manufacturing sites, he would like 12 inch chain link fencing with razorwire, adequate outside lighting, 24/7 security presence, and law enforcement to inspect any facility at all times of the day or night.

Williams asked for specifications on surveillance equipment. It must have a resolution of at most 4K, record complete video at all times, and cover all directions and angles that enter and leave the facility.  The system should also be able to store at most two months of footage.

Another requirement is an alarm system with an audible onsite component that is monitored and monitored by a professional agency. Williams also suggested that dispensaries can only operate between 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Williams suggested that staff use security procedures similar in style to pawn shops to secure the dispensary when it closes. In a safe, valuable items such as medical marijuana are locked in a safe.

The Board did not take any action on those suggestions during Wednesday’s meeting.

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