Secaucus Ice Cream Shop Has Lines Down The Block After TikTok Review

SECAUCUS, NJ — The owner of Mike’s Ice Cream in Secaucus is actually afraid he may run out of ice cream after a TikTok foodie reviewHis ice cream shop went viral on social media.

“The lines have been out the door,”Mike Flaherty, Secaucus’ Mike’s Ice Cream’s owner for the past 40-years, said this. “On Saturday night, the line was out the door and past Danny’s Midway (a bar on the corner). Let me put it this way: We made 30 tubs of ice cream Saturday and by Sunday they were all completely empty.”

Here’s what happened: Friday saw a man who ran a TikTok account called KingschratzMike’s Ice Cream received a glowing review. Kingschratz reviews food and is a foodie/food writer. His account is delightful to look at and he seems to simply love to find tasty things to eat.

Kingschratz said that he was first drawn to Mike’s Ice Cream by its 4.9-star rating, which is based on 288 reviews (which is a lot of reviews). He loved Mike’s chocolate Oreos. “Damn, make me chew on ice cream, that’s what I’m talking about,”He said.

TikTok Friday published his review. It was liked by 200,000 people the first day it was published. Monday was a great day for it. It had more than 400,000 likes, and 2,000,000 views.

Flaherty said that the lines began to form Friday night. He said that he initially didn’t know what was happening and needed his teenage employees telling him about a TikTok video about his business.

“We haven’t had business like this since we were located on Rt. 3,”Flaherty referred to his former location. “Yes, so many of the people, not even just the teens, tell me they saw the TikTok video and had to come. We’ve been watching the comments people left and so many of the commenters are writing, ‘Where is this ice cream shop located?'”

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Mike’s Ice cream is located at 1540 Paterson Plank Rd. Secaucus NJ 07094. Secaucus residents do not need directions to get there. His business has been a staple in the town for decades.

“What Mike knows about ice cream is scary,”One Secaucus DPW employee commented. “He actually knows how much air is added by the machine as the ice cream is being churned, and he can tell you how that affects profitability.”

Another interesting fact about the area is that Flaherty was actually one of the first Americans to invent Oreo ice-cream. Flaherty used original Oreo cookies from the Nabisco cookie plant in Fair Lawn.

Flaherty makes all of his ice cream in-house, right in the shop.

“It is good,”He speaks truthfully and objectively about his product. “The reason people always say our butter pecan is so good is because we use an old German bakery recipe that calls for real butterscotch. Our pistachio is so good because we use this hard-to-find almond essence, which we are actually running low on and can only make a few more batches left with.”

Kingschraz’s video was so popular that TikTok users asked him to review more flavors: He complied, ordered more ice cream, and released two videos — one sampling Flaherty’s coffee-Nutella and his famous Witch’s Brew, pumpkin ice cream with chunks and chunks of Oreo.

“Yes, now everyone is asking for Witch’s Brew and we have to say we only make it in the fall when we get the pumpkin puree,” said Flaherty. “We actually have never seen him come in; we think he sends people to pick up the ice cream. It’s been really good.”

“From now on, if you want me to review ice cream, it better be ice cream like this,” said KingSchraz.

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