Scots comedian Limmy earns six-figure sum playing video games on streaming website Twitch

According to leaked data COMEDIAN Limmy made six-figures playing video games on Twitch.

46-year old telly star has racked up more than 370,000 followers thanks to skits, playthroughs, and other content on Amazon.


Limmy earned six-figures streamingCredit: Getty Images – Contributor
Limmy entertained fans as he played video games


Limmy entertained his fans while he played videogames

His 12-month windfall emerged after the tech firm was hacked and streamers’ income shared online — with the highest earner taking home £7million.

The site allows fans and viewers to engage with stars as they take on console challenges.

Pro gamers make huge money by signing up subscribers.

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BBC Scotland regular Limmy — real name Brian Limond — revealed plans to turn his back on TV to go full-time on Twitch last October.

The star, Carnwadric Glasgow, said: “If people say they don’t want to see me doing chit-chat on Twitch and they prefer a full sketch or a character…well, that’s it finished.”

Around 125GB of gamers’ data was leaked last week on message board 4chan. Ryan Morrison, agent for several prominent Twitch streamers, stated: “The numbers show there isn’t a ceiling for what you can do as a content creator.”

Twitch stated that no credit card information or log-in details were leaked and added: “Teams are working to investigate the incident and understand the impact in detail.”

Amazon bought Twitch for £700million in 2015.

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