Sci-Fi IRL? Check out UAB’s new Tech Innovation Center

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Ribbon cutting at the new tech center. Photo via Amanda L Abbett for UAB

The new Tech Innovation Center is bringing modern tech to UAB. Since the tech center houses UAB’s Security and Network Operations Center, it basically functions as tech and cybersecurity center. Find out more about the tech center’s contribution to innovation at UAB.

Looking forward

uab tech innovation centerCan you see yourself innovating here? Photo via Amanda L Abbett for UAB

On September 15, UAB Held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Tech Innovation Center. By opening this center, this project gives a platform for some of UAB’s outstanding faculty, researchers and students.

What will this new center do? The tech center supports research on genomics, personalized medicine and bioengineering. Alabama will see even more science-based innovation from this center.

The Tech Innovation Center is located at the corner of 17th Street South & Ninth Avenue South. The center will be a hub for UAB researchers, students, and clinicians. The center also has hybrid work space. 

FUN FACT: The cost-efficient Tesla Powerpack battery powers the tech center—reducing UAB’s carbon footprint by distributing energy effectively.

“We want our students, faculty, researchers, and clinicians to dream big, collaborate widely, design well and deploy innovative solutions to the most pressing problems facing us. The new Technology Innovation Center helps facilitate these forms of innovation.”

Curtis A. Carver Jr., Ph.D, Vice President for Information Tecchnology

Meet the supercomputer: Cheaha

hybrid work spaceCheck out this modern office space. Photo via Amanda L Abbett for UAB

What’s so cool about the UAB Tech Innovation Center? It houses UAB’S supercomputer! Cheaha supercomputer was named after the highest peak in Alabama. It is the fastest and largest supercomputer in Alabama.

In fact, Cheaha is available to the UAB community who need supercomputer powers—like increased researching abilities.

Check out some of the perks of the Tech Innovation Center and the supercomputer:

A state of the art data center (Cheaha can store 6 PB of raw data. That’s a supermassive amount of storage!)The fastest university internet connectivity in the stateExpandable tech infrastructure

BONUS: Google helps boost innovation in the Magic City.

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