San Diego pizza restaurant on the brink of closing after 68 years

SAN DIEGO. (KGTV) – A family-owned pizza restaurant in Normal Heights is on the brink of closure, but they’re not ready to give up yet.

Venice Pizza House has been in business for 68 years at El Cajon Blvd. Owner Joe Lo Medico’s father-in-law started the shop in 1954 and Joe has been involved since he moved from Italy in 1956.

Recently, Lo Medico said they’ve been hit with many hurdles, including the rising cost of food prices and bills. He said the worst issue they’ve felt recently is a staffing shortage, and that’s one of the main reasons they almost made the decision to close their doors for good.

Lo Medico stated that his son now runs the shop and made the difficult decision to close it.

“My son decided a couple days ago, by the end of August that he was going to close the doors. It hit me like a ton of bricks,”He said.

He asked his son if he would give it another try and then called an employee to ask if they could get some help while they search for more employees. Now, the restaurant will be staying open for at least a few more months and this family is hoping they’ll be able to hire extra staff and keep customers coming in.

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