Royally Wrapped For Christmas Star Jen Lilley’s Real-Life Christmas Charity

Lilley’s non-profit, Christmas Cannot Be Cancelled, which focuses on donating toys and helping children in dire need. The Covid-19 pandemic inspired Lilley to create the charity. Lilley stated that she told her business partner about the CDC’s ban on large Thanksgiving gatherings in 2020. “Well, they better not cancel Christmas.”They realized that they could make Christmas more affordable for families who can’t afford presents. They set a goal of raising $10,000 to help families who couldn’t afford gifts. Toys for Tots.

Anyone who donates $15 or more will be entered into the drawing. There are many prizes available throughout the competition. “12 Days of Giveaways,”Plus, you have the chance to win “The Ultimate Christmas,”Valued at $25,000. “We just like to make giving back fun, and so the idea was really born out of the idea of just not canceling Christmas,” Lilley said. “Giving people an opportunity to connect and be able to give back in a fun and uplifting way when things around us aren’t feeling the same way.”

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