Report: Amazon nearing deal to create Mass Effect TV series

The Mass EffectThe franchise could expand into TV, as Amazon Studios is said to be in talks to develop a series that is based on popular games. The details of the project are not available.

Deadline First news reportAmazon Studios stated that it wants to create more sci-fi and fantasy series following the success of The Wheel of Time‘s Strong performance and the future THe Lord of the Rings show.

“You will see us continuing to invest in fantasy genre of all kinds, we have a genre-focused team on the ground in Studios who work tirelessly with our creative partners on those slates, and you can look forward to more,” Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said.

The company is close to a deal. However, it is not known when production might begin or if it will be based on a story from the original. Mass Effect games.

Henry Cavill hinted previously at a secret project based upon the RPG franchise. He showed a February text with a Mass Effect 3 plot’s synopsis. “Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it…”He wrote on Instagram.

BioWare is currently working to create the next Mass Effect game. The studio closed down a few weeks back. Shared a new posterIts annual N7 Day is a hint at the return to the geth.

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