Rams LT Andrew Whitworth Mentored Bengals QB Joe Burrow During Rehab Process Last Year in Los Angeles

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow sits just one year removed from a torn ACL that ended his 2020 season, limiting him to 10 games during his rookie campaign.

Burrow attacked his rehabHe was able to tackle the process head-on and spent that time in Los Angeles. There he met Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth.

Whitworth, who finished his 2020 season also on a sour note in which he was sidelined for the second half of the season due to a sprained MCL and PCL, spent time alongside Burrow.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache performed both Burrow’s and Whitworth’s surgery, creating a connection between the two.

Burrow shared his thoughts with reporters via a video conference call and said that Whitworth had an impact on him. This led to a friendship that they both cherish.

“When I got hurt, I lived about 40 minutes from where he was living. And we were both (were) hurt at the same time, so I would go over to his house and watch the games on Sunday,”Burrow stated. “We did that — I think I spent my birthday at his house and I also spent his birthday at his house. It was cool that he reached out to me and made the effort. rehab process a little easier — being in California, away from a lot of people who were close to me.

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“He kind of took me in and we had some good times hanging out, watching football, and talking about the Bengals and LSU and all that. So he’s become a good friend.”

Burrow and Whitworth each share ties to LSU, the University they both played at prior to making their mark in the NFL. 

A relationship that has brought the two players closer – overcoming severe injuries to get back for this season – either the young sensation or the proven veteran will hoist the Lombardi Trophy for their respective team in becoming Super Bowl LVI champions.

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