Raiders News: The Fourth-Worst Secondary?

The Las Vegas Raiders don’t seem to get much respect. Pro Football Focus recently ranked them as the 29th best secondary team in the league. It’s ludicrous, but everyone loves to bash the Raiders. Not exactly breaking Raiders news, but let’s take a look.

Breaking Raiders news: someone’s trashing the Raiders… again.

According to The football analysts at PFF, the 2022 Raiders’ secondary is better than only the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, and Seattle Seahawks. The levels of disrespect are evident right off the page. If you don’t know, crushing Raiders on any media is good for business. Why? Raider Nation is in a commotion and spreads it around. This makes it more popular and gets more clicks.

Ever notice how every offseason the media connects every major free agent to the Raiders’ interest? Or the fact that social media is a powerful tool for promoting Raiders’ interests. “Carr”Trending at least five out of seven days. The NFL arrives at for a diversion whenever they feel the heat and need one. “Let’s throw the Raiders under the bus.”The truth is that the Raiders move the needle more than any other franchise, despite conspiracy theorists claiming otherwise. This is why they are so absurdly placed on this list.

Setting the record straight

Let’s get some things out of the way. The true hypocrisy can be found in PFF’s own player ratings. Nate Hobbs was rated (77.1) as 10th best rookie in coverage. He was actually rated the fifth best corner overall. He was far ahead in his conference! Rock Ya-Sinhas the 21st highest overall coverage grade (72.4). Anthony Averett has been released from the Baltimore Ravens’ zone cover scheme. He can now apply his top-ten man coverage skills and reach the heights that he was meant to. At this moment, Trayvon Mullen is still recovering from surgery on his injured foot, but when he comes back, it’s possible he might be the fourth man on the depth chart.

Safety Trevon Motterig, a rookie safety, is moving to a defensive coordinator. He is looking for a mindset that maximizes his strengths and combines them with the best possible scheme. Moehrig was a young safety in Cover 3 and finished 2021 as the 25th overall safety. He also finished 16th in coverage with a 75.5 rating. Gus Bradley, Ron Milus, and Gus Bradley did an outstanding job developing Moehrig into a high-quality NFL player. We now reach the second safety position.

Johnathan Abram

Abram has been a lightning rod of criticism. As a young singer, he welcomed all the smoke. Abram has many great talents. The problem is that the conservative schemes he has participated in didn’t unleash him. Abram is an attacker. It is sometimes called a downhill player or a sideline-to-sideline defender. He is the 27th-ranked safety pass rusher. He could have blitzed more, which would have made his rank even higher. He is very explosive in tight spaces. His speed in close quarters could make it difficult for the ball carriers get ready for him, which could result in more turnovers.

From Paul Guenther’s soft match 3 scheme to Bradley’s legion of boom defense, Abram has not had the opportunity to play to his strengths, which are in the box. Instead, Abram was exposed, and was covered extensively. Milus did a lot to help Abram. He became less vocal but more influential. His coverage improved greatly. He was no longer in direct view of the receiver. Instead, he was everywhere at all times. “mossed,”He was in a pretty good position. He could have had six interceptions if he just opened his hips the wrong side.

Raiders news: Las Vegas doesn’t need to Win mock Anything

The new Raiders team has been winning a lot. The 2022 Las Vegas Raiders team is focused on winning the division and making the playoffs. They also want to win the conference title and the Super Bowl. All of these offseason rankings and water cooler conversations are meaningless. On July 17, rookies will report. Veterans report on July 20. It takes usually about a week to condition and then The pads are here.

Abram is the lowest graded member of the secondary, but his 56.9 PFF grade shouldn’t be able to tank the rest of the team to 29th. This is especially true when you consider that the Detroit Lions team relies on Jeff Okudah for his recovery and development back to the Ohio State player he was. The Raiders should be ranked between the 15-20 range. For Raiders news, stay tuned to the Ramble.

*Top Photo: NBC Sports/Bay Area

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