Raiders News: Josh Jacobs was named one of the 10 players to fade at ADP in fantasy

The new regime didn’t pick Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders runningback. It was the end of Jacobs’s career as a runningback for the silver and the black. When he was suited up for his hall of fame game, it led to trade rumors.

The match with the former Alabama running back saw the former Alabama running back average 6.2 yards per carry Jacksonville Jaguars. They even made a significant gain on a screen-pass, getting into the passing game.

Fantasy is a completely different story. Jacobs could split his role with several backs. Jacobs’s fantasy department at PFF doesn’t expect him to have the same impact as his previous seasons. He was named one of the top 10 players to fade at the average draft spot.

Ultimately, Jacobs joins Antonio Gibson and Elijah Mitchell as players who I’m lower on than consensus due to their projected lack of a pass-down floor and more competition than expected on early downs. Some interpret the lack of a fifth-year option as a signal that the Raiders are ready to feed Jacobs all the touches he can handle, but that simply isn’t how McDaniels has operated for quite some time, and the team’s specific choices of backups indicate that the targets involved could be spread out.

There are some points to be made about Jacobs’ overall usage. Josh McDaniels has a history with using different ball carriers to create mismatches and to pound the rocks. Jacobs could take advantage of this opportunity and be a major player through the air. It remains to be seen, though Jacobs appeared ready to play vs. Jaguars.

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