Raiders: Is Davante Adams a real possibility?

The NFL offseason is already in full swing with the scouting mix just days away and free agency coming up in two weeks. Raiders fans are beyond curious as they plan for the future.

That was evident in this week’s mailbag, which ranged from questions about the availability of Packers wide receiver Davante Adams to what positions the Raiders will prioritize this offseason and whether new coach Josh McDaniels faces a challenge getting his players to buy into his vision.

Here’s a selection of what was on the news this week:

Matt Berger (@matt_berger): If Davante Adams doesn’t become an option at wide receiver, can you see the Raiders making a run at Allen Robinson or Chris Godwin?

VINCENT BONSIGNORE: The Raiders will no doubt look to upgrade their wide receiver. They will be trying to fill the hole left by Henry Ruggs.

It is difficult to ignore the connection Adams and Derek Carr have with Fresno State. Their public declarations of desire to reunite adds to the seriousness of a possible reconnection.

Adams can be franchised or offered a contract to keep him in Green Bay. They can franchise tag Adams and make him a compelling contract deal to keep him in Green Bay. They can also use either plan with the possibility of trading Adams.

The Raiders must weigh the cost of signing Adams, if he is granted free agency. Or the cost it will take in assets to trade for him in addition to the financial commitment he’ll command. He will be a costly acquisition in any case.

Robinson could be an alternative to Robinson if he is considered too costly by the Raiders. He fits the Raiders’ needs and will command a more cost-effective contract. Godwin is also possible, although Tampa Bay could make it irrelevant by resigning him.

Aaron S. (@als5nep): Do you think it’s a mistake to draft a wide receiver at pick No. 22 when you can draft receivers later in a draft? Do you think Josh McDaniels would prefer to prioritize the offensive or defensive lines??

VB: Some of this depends on what happens in the free agency. If the Raiders can fill in some gaps along the offensive or defensive lines in free agency it allows them to be more flexible when they draft.

At this point, it seems sensible to have the offensive line improvements made via free agency. There might be a greater need at this position for experienced, viable veterans than at wide receiver. It is possible that the defensive line will also work in this way.

If so, it is more likely to draft a wide receiver at 22.

chris Sanders (@sandmansez)Considering how much Rich Bisaccia was loved by the players, do you think they will be able to adapt to new coaching and leadership?

VB: Talking to players, it seems like guys are eager to join the new staff and lift the franchise to a higher level. As a result, whatever support they had — and still have — for Bisaccia won’t interfere with their eagerness to build off what they created last season.

It would be surprising if McDaniels or his staff were met with any resentment.

Shawn Johnson (@Godfather_JS): What is the realistic timeline for a Derek Carr Extension?

VB: Both parties seem motivated to do something so free agency would make a lot of sense. But it also behooves the Raiders to monitor other situations — including the expected interest other teams will show in trading for Carr — before they commit to one direction or another.

This is a market that is expected to be active in the quarterback position. The Raiders owe themselves the ability to see all of the possibilities.

Little King Official (@littlekingtunes): Do Raiders put more emphasis on adding cornerbacks and let Casey Hayward go? I think Trayvon Mullen is a liability — he can’t stay healthy and is too penalized. Hayward, Nate Hobbs and another cornerback would make the pass rush more dangerous.

VB: Hayward did very well last year. But as a free agent, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he followed Gus Bradley to Indianapolis to play in a system he is familiar with and best suited to play. The Raiders could make a great argument to him that he is a fit in new defensive coordinator Patrick Graham’s system and pay him accordingly. However, if they don’t believe he is a fit, they will turn their attention elsewhere.

After suffering through an injury-plagued 2021, Mullen will have every chance to regain his spot. Hobbs was great as a rookie in the slot. However, he profiles as a perimeter corner so the Raiders may move him outside. Expect the Raiders’ to increase their presence at this position, whether it is through free agency or the draft.

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