Prime Video: The 29 Absolute Best Movies to Watch

Amazon Prime VideoIt drops a bunch movies at the start of each month, but it doesn’t have many new weekly releases.

Below are the highlights of this week and CNET’s complete list of Prime Video original movies.

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What’s new in this week’s edition (September 26-Oct.2)

These are the highlights.


  • Our Idiot Brother (2011) Comedy-drama starring Paul Rudd. Three sisters find their well-ordered lives disrupted when their brother is present.


  • Exorcism of My Best Friend (2022) Horror comedy. It follows Abby, a high school sophomore, and Gretchen. Gretchen starts to act differently after an evening of skinny-dipping that goes horribly wrong.
  • Ambulance (2022). Michael Bay directs Thriller. He needs money to pay his wife’s medical bills so a decorated veteran teams with his adoptive brother to rob a Los Angeles bank.


  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). Sci-fi. A boy, a cutting-edge android, embarks on a journey that will reveal his true nature.
  • Shutter Island (2010) Psychological thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. The unbelievable escape of a brilliant killeress leads US Marshal Teddy Daniels on a fortress-like insane asylum, located on a remote island.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) Brad Pitt stars as a drama. It’s about an older man who reverses the clock.
  • Up in the Air (2009) Comedy-drama movie starring George Clooney. The cherished life of a corporate downsizer expert is under threat.
  • Bridesmaids (2011) Comedy starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy. Annie’s life is chaotic, but she is forced to be the maid-of-honor when Lillian, her best friend and lifelong best friend, gets engaged.
  • Edward Scissorhands (1990): Tim Burton directed this fantasy film. It’s about an artificial human with scissors for hands.
  • Source Code (2011) Sci-fi film starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A helicopter pilot participates in a top secret military operation that allows him experience the last minutes of the life a man who died in an explosion of a commuter-train train.
  • Las Vegas (1996) Drama starring Nicolas Cage. Las Vegas: An alcoholic screenwriter drinks himself to death.

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Amazon Prime Video Original Films

These films scored an average of 70 on Metacritic as of the time this article was written.

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Amazon Studios

This black comedy thriller features Wes Anderson and the Coen Brothers. The two leads are young, brilliant women. Blow the Man Down is set in Maine’s snowy fishing community. It follows two sisters, Sophie Lowe and Morgan Saylor, as they try to hide the body a man who attacked one of their sister. She fought back. They discover dark secrets about the town’s matriarchs and turn this into a noir mystery while on their crime spree. It’s just as amazing as it sounds.

Prime Video

This comedy-thriller begins with Kunle and Sean, college seniors and best friends, attempting to be the first Black men to complete an a. “legendary tour,”This feat involves fraternity party-hopping at an epic level. The night turns into something completely different when the students discover a young white woman lying on the floor of their home. The film is a mix of comedy and social commentary and can be both tense and frightening. The bond between Kunle, Sean, and Donald Elise Watkins is a significant part of the film. They are played by RJ Cyler and Donald Elise Watkins.

Amazon Studios

You Were Never Really There (2017)

A psychological thriller that stars a pre-Joker Joaquin Phoenix. You Were Never Really Here is a must-see. Lynne Ramsay’s masterful story about a hitman hired by a politician to rescue his daughter from a network of human traffickers is brutal, brutal, and mercifully direct. It lasts for 90 minutes. You Were Never Really Here is more that your average thriller with Phoenix as the brilliant, committed actor.

Amazon Prime Video

The Mad Women’s Ball (2021).

Mélanie Laurent directs, co-writes and stars in this emotional French thriller set in the late 19th century. Laurent is Geneviève, a nurse who attempts to free Eugénie (Lou de Laâge), a woman committed to a mental asylum when her family learns she communicates with spirits. The Mad Women’s Ball is a moving drama that combines the inequalities of the era with outstanding performances by its two leads. This is a watch that’s worth your time.

Amazon Studios

Even if The Handmaiden has been a positive movie, nothing can prepare one for the wild twists that this South Korean movie takes. The Handmaiden is classified as an “A” movie. Erotica psychological thriller, The Handmaiden contains explicit scenes you should probably avoid watching with parents around. It begins with a con man seducing a Japanese heiress and promising to commit her to an asylum after they get married. But her pickpocket partner pretending to be her maid is a stumbling block to his plan. This is a must-see if you have been enjoying South Korean films through Parasite.


Amazon Studios

The Lost City of Z (2016)

Based on Percy Fawcett’s life, The Lost City of Z takes you into the Amazon rainforest to search for an ancient lost city. The movie stars Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, as well as Tom Holland… with a mustache. The Lost City of Z is a grandiose, beautiful film that was meticulously crafted. Although it moves slower than you might think, this only adds to its intriguing psychological layers.


Amazon Studios

Pawel Pawlikowski’s historical drama follows lovers from different backgrounds, temperaments, and is set in post-World War II Poland. Zula is a young singer who pretends to be a peasant, while Wiktor, a jazz musician auditioning for state-sponsored folk music ensembles. The black-and white visuals are stunning and the politics are handled with elegance. Cold War is an 88-minute love story that is passionate, passionate, and almost impossible to describe.

Amazon Studios

King Lear is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. But two powerful forces make this one stand apart: Anthony Hopkins and Florence Pugh (Black Widow scene stealer). Emma Thompson! This adaptation takes place in an alternate universe of the 21st century where London is under military control. Lear is ready for his kingdom to be divided among his three daughters. However, not all of them accept. If you are okay with Shakespearean dialogue, then just sit back and admire Hopkins and a stellar ensemble cast, including Jim Broadbent (Emily Watson) and Andrew Scott.

Amazon Studios

Before we dive into this Spike Lee film, let’s first note that it is technically a recorded stage play. The engaging performances by Jon Michael Hill (and Julian Parker) make it a cinematic masterpiece. Two young men, both from the same spot on the sidewalk, dream of the promised land. Pass Over is educational, moving, funny, and surprising. It will keep you on the edge of your seat more than you might think.

Amazon Studios

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Amazon’s first movie of repute will be your hammer. A man who has been through terrible losses is made the guardian of his teenage nephew. Lee Chandler’s story and the incredible performances of Michelle Williams will make you feel every emotion. Manchester by the Sea, another accomplishment by Kenneth Lonergan is full-bodied and unforgettable storytelling.

Screenshot from CNET

This comedy-drama stars Ben Stiller as Brad, a 47 year-old man who is plagued by self-doubt and comparisons. He lives a comfortable life with a non-profit job, a loving wife Jenny Fischer and a talented son (Austin Abrams), yet he still compares himself with his old friends who ended up in glamorous and lucrative careers. This film is a deeply personal and interesting look at Stiller’s obsession with the wrong paths.

Screenshot from CNET

This film is adapted from a young adult novel by Brian Selznick, who also wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It tells the story of two children who live in different times but go on similar journeys. After losing his mother Michelle Williams, Ben, a newly orphaned boy, sets out to find his father in 1977. Rose, on the other hand, is trying to locate a silent film star (Julianne Moor) 50 years earlier. Their paths cross in New York City after they are separated by time. This film from Todd Haynes is family-friendly and packed with adventure and childlike wonder.

Amazon Studios

Sound of Metal received a number of Oscar nominations, including best picture for Riz Ahmed and best actor for Riz Ahmed. (It won in the best sound and best movie editing categories. He plays Ruben, a drummer in punk-metal who loses his hearing. Ruben struggles with drug addiction and must adjust to his new life in the Deaf community. He also has to learn American Sign Language. The film’s stunning sound design immerses you in Ruben’s suspenseful story and the experiences of those around him.


An exceptional anthology that delivers on all five films. Small Axe is a collection that tells stories about West Indian immigrants living in London between the ’60s and the ’80s. All of them are directed by Steve McQueen who is at his best (when doesn’t he?)He’s creating stories like Mangrove, a courtroom drama based on the 1971 Mangrove Nine trial and starring Letitia Wright (Black Panther). This is a huge achievement.

Amazon Studios

This autobiographical movie is directed by Shia LaBeouf and tells the story of a child actor and his father. Otis, a traumatized child actor, is accompanied by his father (a former rodeo clown). Honey Boy gets even more psychological layers from LaBeouf’s portrayal of the character he was inspired by. This is cinematic therapy in a unique perspective that is fascinating.

Amazon Studios

One Night in Miami (2020).

One Night in Miami is still on your list. The Oscar-nominated drama is a fictionalized version of a real-life meeting between Malcolm X and Sam Cooke, Muhammad Ali, and Jim Brown in 1964. Each of the four leads shines and their imagined conversations and debates feel real when they finally meet for the film’s title night. A lively and thought-provoking film that’s strengthened by scenes between Leslie Odom Jr. and Kingsley Ben-Adir.


Selah and the Spades (2019).

If you’re into the dark-things-happen-at-boarding-schools genre, then Selah and the Spades might be the subject to sign up for. A senior leader of the Spades sells drugs to other students. Selah is about finishing her degree, so it is important to find the right candidate to continue her legacy. This film is stunningly shot and guided by Tayarisha, the debut director.

Amazon Studios

Jim Jarmusch-style, this low-key comedian focuses on everyday life with a unique sense of humor. Paterson follows Paterson, a bus driver who is also a poet. He listens to passengers talk, walks his dog, and stops at a local bar for brews. All that is endlessly fascinating is Adam Driver. Paterson’s wise perspective on life is reflected in his exploration of personal setbacks and new paths.


Amazon Studios

One Child Nation is a moving documentary about China’s decades-long One-child policy. Interviews are used to reveal the effects of the policy, which ended at the end of 2016. It won the grand jury award in the documentary category of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Video screenshot/CNET

This Oscar-nominated documentary about the effects of incarceration on families features Fox Rich, a mother, activist and entrepreneur. The film opens with the revelation that Fox’s husband Robert is currently in prison for a 1997 robbery that he and Fox committed together in a momentary crisis in 1997. To show the passage of time over 20 years, home videos and current footage are woven together. It’s a stunning film with powerful messages about America’s criminal justice system. 

Prime Video

Do you love Lucy? What about nostalgic, insightful documentaries. You’ll love this Amy Poehler-directed investigation into the lives Lucille and Desi Arnaz. This doc is based on audio and home movies provided by Lucie Arnaz, Ball’s daughter. It charts the events that led to their iconic appearance in the 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy. A fictional film about the stars will be made after you’re done. “Being the Ricardos,”Prime Video also has it.

My Name Is Pauli Murray (2021)

This documentary, which runs for 90 minutes, provides vital context into Pauli Murray’s life. Pauli was a feminist lawyer, poet, and civil rights activist who was ahead her time but is still overlooked by history. Murray was a champion for equality of race and gender and her ideas would influence Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB, Julia) and Thurgood Marshall (Supreme Court). Directed by Betsy West, Julie Cohen (RGB Julia), this film is a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at Murray’s many achievements as well as her indelible impact.

Video screenshot/CNET

Three years after he retired as an NFL player, Steve Gleason, a former New Orleans Saints football player, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known to be the nervous system disease amytrophic lateral Sclerosis. This film is an emotional account of Gleason’s fight with ALS. Gleason’s story is told mainly through videos he took himself. It also includes his wife Michel and their newborn son Rivers. It’s a fascinating look at how debilitating ALS can be. Gleason, if you have Prime Video, is a must-see. 


Amazon Studios

Andrew Patterson’s debut sci-fi film The Vast of Night is an intriguing indie movie about narrative that uses clever techniques. Long, expansive shots follow two young radio workers as they investigate an audio frequency which they believe could be traced back to aliens. The 1950s New Mexico setting and characters who deliver monologues with the smooth intonations heard on radio create an eerie atmosphere that has a satisfying payoff.



Sylvie’s Love is a classic love story. But its sweet, dewy romance is refreshing. It’s a period drama about Black people that’s not dominated by racism and bigotry. It is set in New York City’s aesthetically stunning ’60s. It follows Sylvie, Robert, and their chance to reunite after a five-year-old summer romance. Both their work in music and the film’s soundtrack featuring Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke and others, transport you to this beautiful place.


Kumail Nanjiani, co-writer of The Big Sick, introduced the world the movie. It was based on his true-life romance with Emily V. Gordon. After a few promising dates, Emily falls ill and must go into an induced coma. Kumail meets her worried parents at the hospital. However, his Pakistani family keeps trying to arrange dates for him with other women. The Big Sick, a comedy that is suited to cultural comedy, is also a touching story about an interracial love story.


Amazon Studios

Late Night, written and starring Mindy Kaling, follows a well-known news host whose ratings are declining. To shake up her white-male writer’s space, she hires an Indian-American female writer. While not preachy, Late Night is a lively comedy with hints from The Devil Wears Prada. It should be enough reason to watch it.


Brittany runs a marathon (2019)

Brittany Runs a Marathon is a fun comedy. But Brittany Runs a Marathon hits close to home. It focuses on the things that we are all obsessed with: food and body image, exercise, and nutrition. Brittany, played by Jillian Bell, is given strong advice by her doctor to lose weight, and cut back on the hard-partying lifestyle. She runs, taking all the difficult steps towards her life-changing goal. Then, you can see it from your couch. You will be inspired to go for a run outside.

Amazon Studios

A teen comedy-horror-thriller with a dash of social commentary. What a combination! Get Duked! Follow three lazy students, one nerd, and their boring teacher as they travel to the Scottish Highlands in search of an award that requires them to navigate the area with a paper map. It gets even more exciting when the four teens are forced to defend themselves against the Duke, a murderous hunter played by Eddie Izzard. The entire young ensemble is great, playing with a tight script that crackles with banter. Boy Scouts meets Attack the Block. Chaos walking, cussing, and eating questionable local fauna.

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