Portland man sentenced to seven years for armed robbery of marijuana dispensary in Eugene

A Portland man robbed a Eugene marijuana dispensary with a gunpoint. He was sentenced Wednesday to seven-years in federal prison.

Timothy Christopher Gaines (30), was one of two masked men that entered the Green Therapy marijuana dispensary on Highway 99 on December 20, 2019, and demanded money. Federal prosecutors say Gaines was one of the two.

They ordered the clerk to comply. “Get on the ground. Don’t move. I’ll shoot you! Where’s the money? Don’t (expletive) move!” according to Gaines’ plea agreement.

According to court records, Gaines then climbed on top of a counter and pointed a gun towards the clerk. He forced him to lie down on the ground with his arms outstretched, according to court records.

Prosecutors said that the two intruders, who were disguised as men, stole $912 from the register along with four jars of pot.

Prosecutors claim that Gaines was identified by a palmprint that police pulled from the counter.

Prosecutors also said that video surveillance footage showed the armed robbers running in a Mitsubishi car that had been stolen out of Portland. The victim who reported her car was stolen gave police the full identity of the alleged criminal, who turned out be a prisoner of Gaines at Sheridan’s federal prison in 2012.

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Gaines pleaded guilty for using and carrying a gun during a crime against violence.

Leah Bolstad Assistant U.S. Attorney stated that the mandatory minimum sentence of seven year is appropriate. She noted Gaines used the gun in the marijuana robbery with a very threatening manner, after having been convicted for a federal firearms crime.

Bolstad said he believes Gaines’ own addiction to marijuana led to the crime. She also stated that Gaines was a member of the Unthank Park Hustler gang out of Portland.

Gaines, a felon in firearm possession, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon in 2013. His three children and their mother watched.

“I’m sorry for my actions,” Gaines said. He expressed his regret to his family that he had to return to court for another crime. He said he also appreciated Simon’s help when he was last on probation from his earlier federal case.

“I really do want you to turn things around in your life,” the judge told Gaines, and asked if there’s anything he can do to help Gaines succeed.

Gaines requested to serve his sentence at a federal prison in Georgia. His family hopes to move there.

Gaines said remaining in the Portland area isn’t working for him, that it just “invites trouble”For him.

Tiffany A. Harris, defense lawyer, stated that no one was seriously injured in the robbery. Gaines also accepted responsibility. She said his sentence for the dispensary hold-up is the longest sentence he’s ever faced.

Gaines was led out of the courtroom by a deputy U.S. Marshal. He then turned around and gave his children kisses while he sat with his mother in the first row.

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