Polk County man rehabs homes while rehabbing men

During this Christmas week, we are presenting stories that give you something to smile about – stories of people who have made remarkable turnarounds.

People who are in serious trouble with the law, or who have suffered from addiction problems that have ruined their lives, need help. This is exactly what Gordon Cuthbertson, a Polk County businessman, is doing for John Arnold.

Gordon Cuthbertson leads a Bible study every day at a faith-based, transition house that he funds for men who have recently been released from jail or prison. rehab.

“Man’s sorrow is guilt and it doesn’t bring about salvation,” he said. “It leads to condemnation.”

Cuthbertson believes faith can be a key to a life turn around, so there is a lot of scripture reading.

After Bible study, he goes to the other section of the church. rehab effort.

“We buy houses — most of them are abandoned,” he said.

Cuthbertson fixes and flips homes and hires many of his transition men to do the job.

Arnold lives in one of the houses. Cuthbertson paid John to go to a strict meeting. rehabNew Orleans treatment center for his alcoholism.

When Spectrum Bay News 9’s Rick Elmhorst visited them, they were measuring for a kitchen wall panel.

Gordon was given a tour of the house’s progress.

Gordon Cuthbertson (back) leads a Bible study. 

As for Gordon’s progress on fixing up Arnold — he has been sober for a year, on the good side of the law, and Gordon helped him get a driver’s license for the first time in 20 years.

“He went with me and gave me the strength and courage and with the Lord it came true,”Arnold spoke highly of obtaining a license.

Gordon the house rehabGordon the man has become a guy rehab guy.

“Yes, I agree, cause I am old and I’m being fixed,”Arnold said it with a laugh.

But Gordon won’t take credit for Arnold’s turnaround.

“Well for another man to fix a man, that’s impossible,”He said. That’s the work that is beyond us. That is God’s work.”

It has been a great experience to work together.

“I love him deep in my heart,” Arnold said. “He’s done a lot for me. He is the best.

“God’s been good to us,”Gordon replied.

“Yes he has,”John said.

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