Pisces Sushi is worth its weight in tobiko

Who doesn’t love a good sushi spot? Although many of the best restaurants in Reno are found in Midtown and downtown, it is not uncommon to find a great place to grab sushi in south Reno. Pisces Sushi, in the South Meadows shopping center near Smith’s, is the highlight we all need when it comes to close-to-home sushi. However, it’s also worth the trek for those not living on the south side of town.

The most striking feature of the menu is the large number of creative rolls. There are many ways to satisfy your sushi cravings.

For fruit and veggie lovers—who don’t want to skip the fish—the Green Apple combines finely chopped green apples with applesauce and cream cheese for the center and then tops each roll with a slice of raw salmon. The Snow Flower is sweeter. A combination of cream cheese and salmon, finished with lemon sauce, powdered sugar, and mango.

The MT is loaded in kani (crab sticks), avocado, tuna and yellowtail, salmon, and tobiko.

There is also a fair share of spicy rolls on the menu—indicated with a red pepper—fresh, cooked and deep fried. The Cacti has a particularly cool presentation with tempura jalapeños atop a cream cheese roll served with hot sauce and lemon sauce. Sun Flower is presented in a flower shape, instead of a long or hand-rolled roll. It contains spicy tuna, cucumber, and tuna. The Sun Flower is topped with teriyaki, tempura crunch, and shredded crab.

K-Pop is the most unusual of the rolls. It is a cooked roll that’s made by combining bulgogi, spicy mayo and ham.


748 S. Meadows Pkwy. A-11, Reno, Nev. 89521
Daily 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

We recommend that you start each meal with at least one appetizer, although sushi is the main course. At Pisces, it’s business as usual. The edamame recipe is simple, but it’s well-prepared and delicious. The miso soup is a classic. You can also get veggie tempura, seaweed salad and gyoza (pot stickers). Mozzarella sticks are a less traditional option.

If you prefer to take dinner home, the to-go specials help justify a sushi dinner that isn’t AYCE (all-you-can-eat). Instead, bring home two rolls—lunch or dinner—for $15, three rolls for $20 or four rolls for $25. Dine-in prices for AYCE lunch are $21.95 and dinner is $27.95. Discounts for children under 12 and younger are available.

There are many choices for udon, teriyaki and katsu. You can also find traditional ice cream desserts such as mochi or banana, and drinks to satisfy every craving. While wine and beer—including imported Japanese brews—are available, it’s always sake for me, and any menu that advertises sake bombs (small beer with small hot sake) has a special place in my heart.

Nora Heston Tarte, a Reno resident for many years, lives on the south side of town. She enjoys wine, hiking, yoga, and traveling. She is also the managing editors of a regional lifestyle publication. Additionally, she freelances for other publications that are primarily in the travel sector. She graduated from California State University Sacramento with a bachelor’s in English and is pursuing her master’s in Professional Journalism as we speak. You can follow her travel adventures and local exploits via her Instagram account @wanderlust_n_wine

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