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They arrived in their crowns and hats, tiaras, and every shade of pink for a gathering that quickly became a tradition. “Coronation of the Avenues.” The Zachary Queens brunch honored nearly 100 mothers Saturday, April 23, at the Zachary Men’s Club facility.

Sharon McKnight, community organizer and avid volunteer, was the inspiration behind an event to honour mothers. McKnight has been involved in community development and outreach efforts for many years, including the annual Martin Luther King Jr. candlelight service.

It takes less than “another one of her ideas,”She reached out to leaders in the local church, community and government to make a brunch a royal pep rally at the foundation for the community’s everyday unsung heroes.

The room was adorned with pink roses by the guests. Some wore crowns of gold, while others wore the traditional church hats. “Sunday best.” A catered brunch was served by volunteers and members of the Zachary Men’s Club.

Entertainment included Tamara Foster Montgomery, who sang “Wind Beneath My Wings”Group games and meals. After the meal, a speaker was featured. A game in which each table of ladies designed a dress using only toilet paper was also played. Every person at the winning table was awarded a prize.

Tonya Jackson was the event’s motivational speaker. Jackson, one among 10 children left behind when they were young, grew as a child in the Zachary region still known today. “the Avenues.”She excelled at her studies and earned her bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees through Southern University. She was a teacher at Zachary High School for many years, as well as a minister, mother, and grandmother.

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She used her familiarity and inspiration to inspire a sense for greatness. “You don’t know it, but you’re in the midst of royalty,”She spoke. “I call this community my queens because growing up, my queens were the women of the Avenues. I had some queens who took me to the King. I’m here today because of the prayers of those queens; those queens who stood in the gap. I’m standing here not on my own, but there was so many who were the wind beneath my wings.”

Jackson continued to talk about how ordinary people did extraordinary acts to support Jackson and her siblings. Aunt Ruth, a distant relative, was praised because of the many things she did that the world might not have known. “She was such a queen in our lives — she touched my brothers and sisters and if she touched them, she touched me,”Jackson stated.

The speaker chose to adopt a teacher’s stance to show the Biblical aspects of a queen’s special role. Her teaching points included the fact that a queen is eminent in rank and power — a chosen generation or a race of royalty. “You are seated next to the Lord Jesus in heaven on His right,”She said. You now have a place. Don’t give up your seat.”

The pink queens entered the pep rally stage of the gathering. Many took to the floor when Jackson informed them that they have specific power. Power to make a difference in their community and power to end oppression, violence, and racism. “We got power, queens, so reign queens,”She cheered. “Take your place. I know at least one person at the table has on a tiara, but all of you have one and some people you might need to put yours back on. Maybe life happened and maybe you feel like you’re not worthy of it, but God says you worthy and it’s time to dust it off.”

The Zachary pink queens were charged, and ready to rule.

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