Photographer captures comet in night sky – or was it a Christmas Star?

Reader PhotoChristmas Eve 2021

It was a clear moonless night.

I was looking for Comet Leonard and went to Auckland Domain.

It was last there 45,000 years ago.

* Comet streaks across Australian skies in journey 40,000 years in the making
* Meteor shower and comet to fly through the night sky
* First interstellar comet to visit our Solar System may never have passed close to any star

It has traveled 600 billion kilometres to reach us from the edge our solar system.

It is now, thanks to a kick from Venus, in the process of leaving the solar system permanently, finally breaking the gravity hold of the Sun.

Some believe that “The Star of Bethlehem” was a comet.

Well, the Three Kings would have needed a telescope like mine to have spotted it from the centre of a light-polluted central Auckland, something I was lucky enough to do on Christmas Eve!

Gareth Davies IDA 2021 Dark Sky Defender

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