Peking City in Sebewaing serving up tasty Chinese food

Peking City was my first visit in June 2020, right during the COVID lockdown. I was there to photograph an abbreviated Sugar Festival Parade featuring the Sugar Queen with her attendants.

The parking lot was empty. On a particularly hot summer day, the pavement radiated heat. The restaurant was closed, which was a sad reminder about what was happening around the world.

The scene was very different when Tribune reporter Shawn Robinson, and I pulled into the Peking city parking lot on our way to lunch. The lot was jam-packed full of trucks and cars. Since its recent reopening, the restaurant has been doing well.

Peking City’s savory Mongolian Beef, served with fried Rice, is a great choice.

Mark Birdsall/Huron Daily Tribune

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Shawn and I sat quickly despite being crowded and began to scan the menu. When ordering Chinese takeout, I usually order either Mongolian beef, pork, fried rice, or sweet and sour poultry. I accepted the suggestion of the server that Mongolian beef could come in as spicy or mild a flavor as I desired. Shawn ordered the sesame chicken, and we also ordered some crab rangoon, though our entrées came with a single crab rangoon or an egg roll.

As we waited to get our food, Oscar Rios, a new Peking City owner, appeared from the back of Peking City to greet Shawn. He had written an article about the reopening Peking City.

Rios is a Saginaw native and has worked as a chef in numerous restaurants, including Panda Express.  He waited for a long time before opening his own restaurant. We were happy to drop by for lunch.

The hot and sour and egg drop soups at the new Peking City were thick, rich and flavorful.

The thick, rich and delicious hot and sour soups and egg drop soups in the new Peking City were thick and rich.

Mark Birdsall/Huron Daily Tribune

Our extremely friendly server quickly brought us the appetizers. Peking City made crab rangoon a success. If I have learned anything from life, it’s that you can’t go wrong when ordering fried cheese. The appetizer came with spicy hot mustard, which had a little heat. By the way, “little,”This is a lot for someone who doesn’t like spicy food.

We had barely finished our appetizer when our entrées arrived. The fried rice that accompanies Peking City entrées is bright yellow and contains peas, green beans and lima beans, but no egg or meat. It was delicious, but it could have used a little more soy sauce. We were also offered samples of hot and sour, egg drop and wonton soups by our server to try.

Peking City's wonton soup tasted like something grandma used to make, if grandma knew how to cook Chinese food, that is.

Peking City’s wonton soup tasted just like grandma used, if grandma could cook Chinese food.

Mark Birdsall/Huron Daily Tribune

Here’s what Shawn had to say about his meal:

When I first walked into the restaurant, I didn’t know what to expect. Sebewaing residents and community members agree that the food is delicious. I was determined to try it myself.

I tried many different appetizers, including egg rolls, egg drop, and wonton soup. The egg rolls were delicious and came in a variety of flavors. Both soups tasted great, but the egg might have been too thick.

My main course was sesame chicken and fried rice. As a big fan of Chinese food, this is by far my favorite entrée, and boy, was it everything that I had expected. The glaze was amazing and made the meal even more delicious. The chicken was perfectly cooked and still tender. The yellow fried rice looked new to me. I had never seen it before. It tasted exactly like the fried rice I had at other Chinese restaurants and was delicious with the chicken.

Egg rolls and crab rangoon, with spicy hot mustard, can be found among the appetizers at the new Peking City in Sebewaing. 

The new Peking City in Sebewaing offers egg rolls and crab roll with spicy hot mustard. 

Mark Birdsall/Huron Daily Tribune

Birdsall here. The Mongolian beef came with green and yellow onions in thick sauce. It was served on rice noodles. I was not disappointed by the savory taste or the size of the portions. I could not finish everything on my plate.

The egg drop soup was rich and flavorful. I liked the emphasis on the eggs. “egg.”Hot and sour soup is my favorite. It was delicious with the contrast of flavors. The wonton soup was made with a hand-wrapped, dumpling like wonton in light broth that was laden with green onions. It was a great choice.

Shawn and Shawn agreed that our lunch was worth the 30-minute drive from Bad Axe. Shawn’s fortune cookie told him that he would soon get some. “wonderful” news. My cookie contained two fortunes. They canceled each other, according to an ancient Chinese tradition.

Okay, maybe I made that up. Just like the fortune teller at the cookie factory.

Peking City can be found at 747 N. Beck Ave., Sebewaing. It is open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Orders must be placed at least 30 minutes before closing.

Rios is looking for part-time employees. Oscar is available at 989-252-3762.

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