Patrick Peterson Explains Emotions of Landing on IR, Mentality toward Rehab

The cornerback was running fast with Panthers receiver DJ Moore on the Carolina sideline in the fourth period. Peterson grabbed the backside of his leg after the pass was incomplete.

Peterson explained that he believed it was cramps. “pulled a hammy.”

“The play was fourth quarter. First down. Coming out of a timeout. Backed up. DJ [Moore]Just ran a run [route]. It was a cramping sensation that I felt going into the drive on the sideline. It started in my calf. Because I didn’t feel any pain or pop, I kind of thought that I was cramping. It was like the last stride. Once I knew the route, I realized he was going for it. Now I’m trying hard to get into high gear, and look back at the ball. My hammy said, “Unh-unh.”

“It gave on me,”He added it later. “And then [the reason] I thought it was cramps was my back started locking up, my stomach started cramping, my other leg started cramping up, so I said, ‘Get me inside. I think it’s a body cramp. Get me some IVs and I’ll be all right.’ IVs obviously wasn’t enough.”

Peterson returned to Minnesota on Sunday and said that he had spent three hours in his hyperbaric chamber before he began his Dallas film study.

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